proactive defense blocking jetAudio

Hey guys,

The proactive defense part of CAVS 3 (im running RC2) keeps blocking some of jetAudios memory accesses which is fair enough because the target is cmdagent.exe

Was wondering if its normal for a media player to be checking out my security lol

If not ill submit it to be examined


Hey Troy Welcome!

Not unless you blocked it. :wink:

Defense+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. Locate JetAudio and remove it, then run the program again and allow it.


thanks for the speedy reply!

i should’ve been more specific. Its currently in my own safelist cos its my media player and i like it to be able to run haha

However proactive defense blocks these specific memory accesses to cmdagent.exe

So jetAudio still runs fine but im a lil bit suss of these memory accesses.

Okay… So it runs fine. You can use a pre-defined policy “Treat Application as Trusted”

I am sure it’s normal! :slight_smile: You can do a malware scan too:

-Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware


It appears it can happen because somebody posted a list with wmplayer.exe in the allow memory access list something I would no do.
Open a hole?

Oh I see. Yea just seems strange. I don’t see why my media player needs to know what cmdagent is up to… but what do I know haha :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean open a hole?

Security risk.
If something manages to takeover your Media Player I know highly unlikely with CIS, but if you allow access to memory of firewall it could attack the firewall whether it would suceed I do not know.
It just seem a risk you do not have to take.