Pro evolution soccer 6, pes6, and COMODO settings

-I am connected to internet via a router that asign me the LOCAL (and static)IP:
-Pes6 uses port 5739 UDP
-I have done correctly the port fortwarding of that port in my router settings page

My question: Which rule have I to add in the NETWORK MONITOR of the firewall?

Following what I did (successfully) for emule settings I have added this rule for pes6:

“Allow UDP IN From IP [ANY] to IP Where source port is [ANY] and destination port is 5739”

Now since I can’t play with this rule i wanted to ask you some questions:
-First of all: Any changes to Network Monitor rules, will require computer restarts or they will be immediately applyed?
-Have I to put that rule at the top? (currently at the top i have 2 rules for emule)
-Probably the rule is not correct: some hints?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for this wonderful firewall


I need the right rule to play. Some hints please?

Sorry, I can find very little on the web re. PSE6 and firewalls. Have you contacted Konami support on this? From the Konami forums, this seems to be the general response for connectivity issues.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer.
In your opinion which is the rule to add in the Network monitor considering my IP is
and the port pes6 uses is 5739 UDP.
My problem is how to open that port on the firewall: i am confused with Source\Destination IP and Source\Destination Port


Source and destination can be a bit confusing, but if you look at it logically, a lot of the confusion evaporates.

Source and destination refer to who is starting a conversation and who is receiving the initial request.

In an inbound CFP rule, because the outside party is sending a request IN to your PC, they started the conversation and they are therefore the SOURCE and you are the destination.

In an outbound CFP rule, because you are sending a request OUT to a third party, you started the conversation and you are therefore the SOURCE and they are the destination.

Understanding who started the exchange of data is critical to knowing what your firewall rules are actually doing. Once you’ve got your head around this basic concept, things tend to become much clearer.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks again. One hint for the rule?
I don’t mind if the rule is too permissive, the only think i know is the port used by the game (5739 UDP) and my IP is I don’t mind if the rule is something like UDP In\Out. I can try with IP setted to [any] in both destination and sorce, it should play at least i think

For starters, I would try an application monitor rule for the game executable as follows;

Allow UDP OUT From IP [ANY] to IP [ANY] Where source port is [5739] and destination port is 5739

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Oki will try soon, the source and destination port are the same? Or did you want to say [Any] instead of [5739]?

hello version pc ?? ps2 ??? thanks

[Any] is a choice you have, and it is any port number

When you add your rule, you see what [Any] means :slight_smile:

From the help-file:

[i]1. You can choose any port number by selecting Any - set by default , 0- 65535.

  1. You can choose a Single Port number by selecting Single Port and selecting the single port numbers from the list.

  2. You can choose a Port Range by selecting Port Range and selecting the port numbers from the From and To list.

  3. You can choose a set of ports seperated by commas eg 80;443)[/i]