This weekend I downloaded and installed CID and was surprised to find that Privdog is missing. From what I can read I think it is meant to be included, same as with CD, but I cannot find it anywhere in CID. What happened to it, how can I enable it?

I am not sure it ever was included in the CID installer. You can get it from .

Perhaps, but I never realised it was a downloadable executable rather than just a browser add-on…but I have it already showing in CD as an add on and I can’t see any evidence that it installed itself elsewhere.

Hmm, a bit confusing and I am worried if I install it on the PC what it will do, if anything, to the existing addon in CD - I’ve had similar issues with LastPass which has a similar approach / option. I’ve recently fully re-installed my PC to resolve various issues that affected stability and browsing issues, amongst others, and I think I’ll just keep away from Ice until Privdog is available - it’s also insecure anywway, with such infrequent updates!

Hi cavehomme,
The current version will not affect Dragons extensions.

Kind regards.

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