PrivDog won't allow links to work

I encountered an issue with my home page. I could click on the link to my email or to one of the news links and they would not open unless I right clicked and opened them in a new tab. They had always worked previously. I use Comodo Dragon as my primary browser and my home page is I tried everything, clearing the cache and cookies, checking all my settings, and I even uninstalled Comodo and re-installed. Then I clicked on the PrivDog icon and that was when I realized that the only thing that had changed on my browser was the addition of PrivDog.

I disabled it as an extension and my page is now back to normal. Hope this helps someone that may be having the same issues.


Hi dleo6446,
Thanks for the report.
Until such time as the Devs resolve this issue, you could add your home page to the exceptions list.