PrivDog vs. Privacy Badger

has anyone heard of the e.f.f.? they put out a blocker called privacy badger. i was wondering, is pri dog better than privacy badger? are there any test results for these 2 , side by side? whatever one is superior needs to be in comodo. i run them both, side by side,privacy badger seems to block more

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Privacy Badger is all about blocking trackers. It only blocks ads if they are found to be tracking the user, and will never block a resource if Do Not Track is respected. It does not have a black-list.
PrivDog can block or redirect ads, something Privacy Badger is not designed to do.

I haven’t seen any test of PrivDog. An early version of Privacy Badger was compared to Ghostery and Disconnect:

thanks for clearing this up

If it’s of interest I run privacy badger along with bluhell firewall on cyberfox to good effect.

never heard of either. comodo firewall with maxed out settings here, dragon browser, pridog , privacy badger