PrivDog (v. = Serious Comodo Browsing Slowdowns

Since downloading v., serious browsing slowdowns when PrivDog is enabled. Tested and compared numerous times with PrivDog disabled, and result always the same: “wait(ing) for PrivDog” (message) each time causes lengthy browser slowdowns. Sadly, PrivDog offers good feedback/protection, but decrease in browser efficiency not worth it.

hmmm…must be a bad installation…:frowning:

I will ask our dev guys to get in touch asap.

That’s not happening for me at all.

Here are no slowdowns.

Hi and welcome WebRunner,
Please try disabling all 3rd party extensions (If you have any) to see if maybe one is conflicting.
If successful, enable one at a time until the culprit is found.

Thank you.

I have no active 3rd party ad-ons running and each page I wish to load takes time to load.

I then opened up I.E. 10 and I tried the same pages and each page loaded fast with no problems.

Mind you I had to get the download via another download source. So maybe It was a bad download ?

I will try tomorrow when the Comodo Servers are active to I can get Comodo Dragon again


No probs here too

I tried a test on my Laptop. on which I installed CD 27.2 when it first came out. And I don’t have any slow down problems at all

I did have it CD 27.2 on my main machine but I removed it due to a system update on my system and I lost everything. But I put it all back, and all is good but I did not have CD 27.2 back-up.

So I’m putting it to a bad download from Rapidshare seen on the forum under CD

So I will wait till Comodo puts CD 27.2 back on the servers so I can get it and dump this on what I have.

Then I will happy again


I too am now just today getting the message that CD is waiting for PrivDog.
Up until today I had no issues, no slow downs.
Nothing extra was installed or changed.
If this keeps up I am just going to disable PrivDog for now.
7/16/2013 08:40 am

Can you put up a screen shot so we can see the exact problem?

What sites does this happen on?