Privdog trying to uninstall itself??

Just the past few days I have had Windows 7 64bit Pro systems get popups on their desktops that say something like “Administrative privileges are required to uninstall Privdog”. In one instance, it also showed the local admin username and said something about unable to authenticate (the user was not able to get a print screen of the message for me). These messages are coming up just after the user logs into their desktop. I am VERY concerned about why this is occurring. Can anyone tell me why this would be happening? Why would a program try to uninstall itself on its own?

Please advise,



Hi intltech!

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll investigate this issue.
Can you tell me, which version of PrivDog you’re using?

Hi intltech!
Could you please send us a screenshot?
Thank you a lot!

Hi intltech,

Could you please verify that it’s not an update happened which usually shows a UAC dialog before starting execution of an update setup? We know about that issue and are working already to eliminate it in future versions.


Can’t show a screenshot because it disappears when captured for some reason.

I am also uninstalling it on all my systems for now because the UAC prompts are driving everyone nuts, and I am a single person IT shop and it’s killing me at the moment. May consider re-installing later on, but for now we have been longtime users of AdBlock Plus so we’ll stick with that.