Privdog stopped working for CD

I have just notice Privdog acting up, 1 hour ago it was working just fine, then now it has stopped working. It says Block 3rd Party cookies. So I press that to set it, then it reverts back to the way it was. As in it says Press here to block 3rd party. Also I did have Block all Ad networks, and it has defaulted back to Factory settings.

So I just thought I bring that up.



Hi Nige_39!
I will test this issue. thank you for your feedback!


I tested in last version of CD. This issue appears in v30. I will inform to the dragon team.
Thank you a lot (CLY)

Many thanks for letting me know, Yeah that is correct V30 :slight_smile:

I will wait till it gets fixed before I reinstall it, since I had no choice in to remove it.

Thanks again NPoberezhnaya