PrivDog similar like Superfish


PrivDog had a bug in the one of the checks it did for certs, a bug with checks for self-signed certs. This has been fixed and a new released already done.


I don’t trust this PrivDog no more but deleting the software in CD does not remove the PrivDog Cert.

How to remove all privDog software, Keys, certificates

Please advice

Maybe this was not a safe browser and Firefox or Chrome are safer.

The privdog in your browser does not have this issue.

Only a new version that hasn’t been distributed by Comodo yet.

Vulnerabilities are reality of software development unfortunately, its not if they will happen or not but how fast you will respond to it, is the way to judge a company.

Patch has already been deployed the same day!

But that was not the answer to my question.

Like I said, you do not have certificates etc, because you are using the browser plugin version.

to remove the plugin/extension, you can remove it from extension list on your browser.

The browser you are using is NOT susceptible to this.


I have version 3.0.97 on my computer. I would like to know how to remove everything associated with this program and any changes, certificates or vulnerabilities it installed. I am in no way interested in updating to a newer version. >:(


PrivDog can be removed in the standard way in your version of Windows via the control panel and locating either Add/Remove or Programs and Features.

Locate PrivDog in the list and double click it to start the uninstall process.


PrivDog may not be the “superfish” However, after installing it changes ssl certificates of pages. At first glance passes concern for those who use or used the program (you can disable the program for each supported browser, but until you discover that it is possible …), in addition to making navigation a bit slower.