PrivDog recognised as Malware

Problem :

Using Google Chrome / Chromium - Downloading

Result is always the browser prevents you from downloading it, because the exe is recognised as Malicious

This also applies when downloading the exe from CNET

Solution :

Comodo needs to contact Google - See link at the bottom of this page Fix file download errors - Google Chrome Help

Which leads to this page - Malware and Unwanted Software Overview | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers

When your site’s downloads have been identified as malware

We understand that learning that one of your downloads contains malware can be frustrating and upsetting, and we want to help you resolve the issue. We can’t provide exhaustive instructions for every situation, but here is what we recommend you do:

Use antivirus software to scan the binaries and other content hosted on your site. Antivirus software finds many types of binary malware but, unfortunately, not all of them.
If your binary incorporates a Chrome extension, ensure that your extension adheres to Chrome’s Developer Program Policies.
Installing a Chrome extension without explicit user permission will result in the binary being identified as malware.
See this Chromium Blog post and this Online Security Blog post for more information about silent installs.
Once you have completed the above steps, please request a malware review. A review can take up to 48 hours to complete.

If you’re still having issues please see Additional Support and our Webmaster Forums.

If Comodo does not do this, Chrome and Chromium users will forever be put off using PrivDog because of the warning

The real solution for Chrome would be to host PrivDog on the Chrome Web Store, see Chrome Extension Developer FAQ for upcoming changes in Chrome 33 related to hosting extensions

So the Chrome developers are going to force everyone to comply and add a bit of quality control over rogue extension developers … Sounds good

I never understood why it did not go on Chrome Web Store in the first place, I mean google are already hosting what you imagine to be competition in the advertising and marketing world in the form of Ghostery and AdBlock on Chrome Web Store, so why would they not also host PrivDog like this :

or this :

Mozilla like google have a dedicated site where they can quality control plugins and extensions for Firefox, where the firefox version of PrivDog could also be hosted …

I asked Melih once and he seems to think in a reply I got that he would need to fight them over the subject … I was scratching my head wondering why.