Privdog problem [Solved]

Hi there.
I have a problem.
Well, I had installed privdog, and I removed it. Privdog I downloaded, installed and do not know it in extensions Comodo Dragon.
What can I do?
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Hi zbc,
The PrivDog installer does not contain the extension for Dragon.
If you have removed PrivDog from Dragon and would like to add it back, please do the following.
Drag’n’Drop the ‘privdog.crx’ file into an open extensions window of Dragon.
File found in the following folder location.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\extensions

Kind regards.

Comodo Dragon does not allow this. “You can not add apps, extensions and scripts from this site.” I did everything you said. Allowed for everything.

Hi zbc,
I have just tried this on two different systems and it succeeded in adding PrivDog back, are you certain you are dropping the file into Dragon’s extension’s window?


Thank you very much! :BNC

You are welcome, that is good to hear. :-TU

I resigned from Ghostery and AdGuard for Privdog. I hope that it will be very good.
Once again, many thanks :-TU

we will always be here to protect you and internet eco system that we all enjoy and benefit from.

Nice to hear! :love:
It’s nice to also support COMODO

Thank you!