Privdog Prob

Can anyone check the above link plzz?

With Privdog enabled, comments doesn’t appears.

With Privdog disabled, comments appears.

Win 7 64
Latest Comodo Dragon default settings with latest Privdog default settings.

I can confirm this.

We will check it tomorrow, thanks for feedback.

Same here, I am assuming a widget is being blocked? I enjoyed the show btw.

Any info?

Seems there is FB comments, which we detect as non-trusted. Are you sure you need to have one of FB tracking feature to be available and not blocked?

To post comments on that site, you can login with facebook, hotmail, etc… Some people post FB links on the page.

To read comments login is not required. I was trying to read the comments.

So you mean a FB tracking feature is on the site & is blocked by Privdog & therefore Comments dont appear?
Allowing the tracking feature is the only solution so that comments appear?
That means I will have to add the site to the exception for the comments to appear, right?

I think adding site to exception list will help anyway.

As i can see, all comments have links to FB profiles or other staff, and yes, there is several facebook calls and trackers blocked by PD. And i think it is main reason for missing comments section.

What you think about it?

Facebook connect and any other social media widget are well-known trackers. Obviously PrivDog (and any other privacy protection addons) will block it by default.