PrivDog on Shared Computer User Accounts

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PrivDogSetup.exe requires expansion on the dedicated installers capabilities

I am not talking about the Dragon Plugin which comes with the latest Dragon installer … But the dedicated PrivDogSetup.exe available here

Consider a home desktop, with multiple non-admin accounts, with multiple different Browsers for different ‘users’ and ‘uses’ in each users case.

First problem : At the moment the Admin account holder can install on the main admin account of the desktop - For the current default browser …

… End of story - If the Admin wants then to install PrivDog on a different Browser ( say it was first installed for Internet Explorer, and then admin wants to install also for Firefox and Chrome ) … It cannot currently be done, because PrivDogsetup.exe on running it a second time reports that it is already installed.

Second Problem : Then admin wishes to setup PrivDog for another family member on the same machine, but that user does not use Firefox or Internet Explorer, preferring Chrome …
Next hurdle is that user has installed Chrome as a non admin ( which is possible with Chrome ), PrivDogsetup.exe will not install on a non-admin account ( even though Chrome could be ), and if admin intervenes with the admin password and enabling that limited user to be temporarily admin … Then the first problem also comes into play because PrivDogsetup.exe reports “PrivDog is already installed” …
But its not installed for this limited user, or the browser that user prefers.

Rinse and repeat failure to install for the whole family.

Currently the only way to make this work for many users, is to install Dragon to a non protected partition / HD location ( outside program files ) … as admin, with its installed version of PrivDog ( not the separate installer )
Then go to each user account in turn, going into the start menu / Programs / Comodo
Right Click on Dragon and choose “Pin to Taskbar” for each user

They all can copy bookmarks etc into the dragon setup, and all use Dragon which the admin updates periodically for all users who just are storing local user settings, but the installation and plugin are the same executeables for everyone.

Different browser setups of PrivDog on such a machine I cant see being viable in its current state.

I do realise its early days yet in development, just pointing out potential downfalls of the dedicated installer as opposed to just the Dragon installer of PrivDog.

excellent feedback!

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Thanks for the feedback.

We’ll address this in the next setup.