PrivDog not taking into account the settings I chose

Hey guys, is anyone else encountering this problem? I selected block all ads as opposed to checking deliver only adturst media ads but privdog continues to show adtrust media adds when I, for example, search something on google.

Hi and welcome stupiddog,
I am not experiencing this issue.
What browser are you using when this issue occurs?


I get that myself, No matter how you set it to block ads. Plus it shows blocked ads in settings. Therefore, I go to a webpage and I look at Privdog it tells me it has Sanitized 1 or 2 ads. so there is a bug or a error in the script/code that should be set false for sanitized for blocked ads in settings, but it looks like it’s showing true. To allow AdTrustmedia to allow ads through to get sanitized no matter if I have the Block all ads on, and every so often it defaults back to allow ads from AdTrustMedia.

However I am only guessing that about the Script/Coding

If the Block all ads was working as it should, it would not say Sanitized.


Edit: I get this using Opera 29 stable version + Re-edited text to make it sound better

I installed PD 4.0.26 from CNET and it would not remember the setting to not show any ads. It would always revert to showing ads. It also happened with a couple of other settings.

Because the problem with upsetting the WMI provider host is still not solved I will install ( a test version) again. It’s the only version that had the WMI problem nailed. All subsequent test and stable version failed that.

For me using Opera 29 :slight_smile: PD 4.0.26 works as it should for me. and 3.108.0 has the issues in my post No3. As for It has similar issues for me using my Browser.

So it is Bizarre :slight_smile:

This what I have set see Capture 1 However looking at it, do I need to have them all checked? I see no instructions on the original post for PD 3.108.0 on how to set up and use the HTTPS Settings.

As for Capture 2 this works fine for me using 4.0.26, no issue of remembering the settings. Everything working just fine. (The only Interesting thing is PD Icon does not show up on this Forum, but shows up fine everywhere else :slight_smile:

and Capture 3 my version.

I hope I have explained myself OK



Questions: I’m trying to get my head around the HTTPS Settings on what boxes to leave check and what boxes to leave Unchecked ? (Or do I check them all?)

Another thing since I have https everywhere do I still need it, since PD got it? or still use it as PD is an extra back-up for the HTTPS settings. ?

Edit: To add Captures + Questions

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I added a bunch of Questions in my last post for the Staff/Mods to get back to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks again