PrivDog not installed in CID v42.0.27

There seemed to be a conflict between the existing PrivDog extension v2.x and the latest v4.0.27. There was an icon on the toolbar, and another faint translucent one in the lower right corner of the browser.

So I removed the extension in add-ons and uninstalled PrivDog via add/remove programs cpl.

I then reinstalled PrivDog v4.0.27 and the extension is nowhere to be found. PrivDogService is running. Furthermore, PrivDog cpl shows 0 threats protected.

WTH is going on here? ???

Privdog 2.x is an extension where Privdog 4.x runs as a network filter. PD 4.x does not install as an extension.

It’s not clear to me why it would not filter. Does the pop up in the right lower corner also show it does not filter? Can you check in the control panel that your browser is detected?

The cpl for pop-up in lower right showed Ice Dragon and IE (8) - which I don’t use - as detected; the remainder were ‘not installed’. I’m gathering that it just works with whatever browser is being implemented per session. I’d infer that if I opened two different supported browsers simultaneously, PrivDog would protect both sessions simultaneously as a single service. 8)

The v4 pop-up cpl showed zero items protected across all 4 threat categores, while the icon on the toolbar showed 3800 give or take. One should use one or the other; having both the extension PLUS the network filter = bad, right? I was messing around with NoScript’s ABE and configuring an ABE ‘firewall’ for and and I was getting bizarre results.

That’s when I realized there’s clearly a conflict, and uninstalled / removed both. When I reinstalled PrivDog v4 solo, PrivDog didn’t work at all; there was no pop-up - despite the setting for that - it performed no blocking and showed 0 items protected for all threat categories. Maybe it takes a while to communicate with its Overlord’s Hive? ???

That little pop-up is real hard to see - many web-pages have a white background - extremely poor visibility…