PrivDog not allowing childrens online game to load.
With PrivDog enabled, game will not load.
Disable PrivDog and it shows an ad then loads game.

We will investigate it asap, thank you for feedback.

Thank you oyaremchuk.

Also same problem with games from the below site.

We found out where problem lies, but solution will be available only by next week weekends. So sorry, but for now you will need to add such sites to exception list.

Thank you and the time is no worries. :-TU
I will add the sites to the exceptions list.


The above mentioned sites appear to work correctly now, except the below site has Google ads which maybe required to allow the game to proceed?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, you right, our problem was connected with such google ads. For now we decide not to block it in such cases, while dev team will work under more appropriate solution.

Thank you. :slight_smile: