PrivDog installs even when I tell it NOT to.

I don’t want this PrivDog thing, it is a pain in my opinion and I am a little upset right now. On my last update it made me re install Comodo and when it asked me if I wanted to install PrivDog I clicked no but it installed anyway.

If you people are going to be putting ■■■■ on my computer THAT I DO NOT WANT then I am moving on to another service. I was looking for a service when I found this and I thought it was a great service until this MalWare ■■■■ (PrivDog) popped up at me. The standard Comodo works just fine, quit messing with a good product.

On my next install, I recommend this to most of my customers that are looking for protection, if this thing installs when I tell it not to I am gone, history. You are supposed to be helping us keep things off our computers that we don’t want, not putting ■■■■ on that does nothing anyway. This is great software and I have been using it for years because AVG went way too commercial but if you are going to follow suite expect to see your customers run for any other service except yours or they just may get smart and realize Linux doesn’t even need this (or any) Antivirus software.

I have now taken Comodo off of four of my computers and moved them to Netrunner Linux OS, I am so happy. Forget MS, forget ■■■■■■ coding and OSes that are released then updated to cover the ■■■■■■ coding and forget any Antivirus, I won’t be needing it.

Hi rwperkinsjr,
I would normally welcome a new member, but I will skip that bit with that attitude.
Yes, Mods can give attitude back as well.

What you are saying just does not happen well it did not on my systems at least, please choose ‘Customize Installer’ and deselect PrivDog.


I am with you, i am using firewall only because everything else is annoying nonsense and today stupid trick how to sneak to my comp private dog really unhappy* me off. So from now I am using Comodo 5.3 from old apps.
I unchecked and cancelled every notice about private dog and update didn’t work anymore - server error after restart.

Seriously, I do not see what all the fuss is about.
I am pure and simply dumbfounded.

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When doing a update you need to uncheck everything then accept.

If you click cancel it cancels everything including the update installation of CIS.


it just installed for me while updating… thing is, I clicked for NO install of it. it then carried out installs for IE and Firefox…
so. is something not clear in the install / update process? are we clicking the wrong things?

Hi and welcome Khai,
You have to click customize installer during the update, deselect PrivDog then go back and agree to continue.

The update screens are slightly different compared with the fresh install screens, but they function the same.
Apologies that I have not got any screenshots of the update screens.
You can remove PrivDog through Windows ‘Programs & Features’ (Add & Remove programs) in the control panel.

Kind regards.

Hi all.
rwperkinsjr, thanks for the feedback.

captainsticks, your advices are correct :-TU, thank you

CaptainSticks: I have a Business, Mr Computer Nerd in which I have repaired hundreds of computers in the couple years. I use comodo free firewall on wipe and reloads because it is best. However, I must say that I absolutely agree with OP. And if someone were to make a post like I am about to (for instance criticising Skid Steers that I designed for the last several years) I would thank them profusely because of the opportunity for understanding where I can improve in the eyes of the CUSTOMER. Even if they were obviously offended by something that they felt was not okay (referring to ‘opt-in’ installation dialogues).

Let me open my reply by saying that the fact is that to listen to and respond to such criticisms by giving the customer what they want / need is what is going to increase market share for Comodo. By not responding to the feelings of customers and especially those of us who are business owners whos livelihood depends largely on recommending / pushing quality products, market share is going to be reduced exponentially. Reduction in market shareis a STEEP slope that requires MUCH work and MUCH time to recover. So when someone spends as much time as him or I to let you know about something that is very upsetting to us, it would behoove Comodo representatives to take note if they care about the concepts mentioned in this paragraph.

I have at least 10 customers that have bought the full features of Comodo since my company starting almost 2 years ago. I also have had [shadow=red,left]several[/shadow] (more than 15) customers complain over the past year or two. The complaints are always, ‘What is this ‘Comodo Dragon’ and ‘Geek Buddy’ stuff?’ And then most always they follow that up with, ‘I don’t want that on my computer’. Then came privdog. Just this morning I got a call from a customer who told me that he needed me to uninstall some “malware” (his word, not mine) called ‘privdog’, that “won’t install”. As was alluded to in this post already, the update process opts in privdog after the first update. This occurs even though I specifically 'opted-out of privdog in the initial installation. What follows is a picture of the window after restarting the computer on updating Comodo Firewall.

Even if I felt it is ‘okay’ to put ‘opt-in’ services into installations, Comodo has been doing much more recently that is MUCH more intrusive in my opinion by effectively hiding the opt-out option behind an ‘advanced install’ option setting in the installer. This is obviously by design as anybody with any experience in this kind of thing knows that 99% of the customer base is going to be afraid of touching anything called ‘advanced settings’ due to the fact that they don’t want to break anything and ‘advanced’ implies necessary understanding that a normal person wouldn’t have. Therefore most of the customer base just installs the ‘default’ installation ‘trusting’ Comodo to install the ‘right stuff’. Less than honest practices such as this will generate short-term monetary growth through the payments received by privdog, but in the long-term people will no longer trust Comodo and will ultimately turn elsewhere.

I could go on and explain how the same ‘less than honest practice’ is used by Comodo in the second ADDITIONAL ‘opt-in’ install of privdog, but hopefully you can accept that I can logically back up such a claim in the same fashion as mentioned in the prior paragraph.

As a proponent of Comodo Firewall I cannot push products that put unwanted programs onto my customers computers…especially after I set it up for them and then get a call later to the effect that “there is malware on my computer called privdog that I need off”. When a person says they don’t want privdog, they don’t want it and short term monetary gain by pushing the product on others is not going to benefit Comodo in the long run, but rather hurt it tremendously. Once the numbers start dropping, it is already too late (the slide down the slippery slope has already begun at that point), so I would correct it now by letting as many people know about this as possible.

The fact is that I and a huge portion of your customer base do not believe it is ‘okay’ to have opt-in services such as privdog in the installations. And to tell someone ‘then buy the full version’ is just another way to start the slippery slope. If you want to sell the best firewall for Windows then do it. Get a strong customer base by virtue of that fact and your market share will be ROCK SOLID and grow continually. If you want a quick fix to make your investors happy, then keep on the same track that you started the last year.

Lastly, I should say, allowing the option to check it (referring to ‘extra software’) if Comodo desires is fine, but opt-out is not. The reason it is not is because by it’s very nature it is set-up to install something that others have not asked for. That is why OP is upset. Whether it is ‘easy’ to ‘understand’ and ‘uncheck’ / ‘click’ a service is ‘irrelevant’. Your comment that “Seriously, I do not see what all the fuss is about.
I am pure and simply dumbfounded.
” is quite offensive to say the least as it IMPLIES that I and others are stupid because we don’t ‘understand’ how to keep software off our system that we don’t want on there.

Hi M98Ranger,
Please note: I am a volunteer forum Moderator and not a member of Comodo Staff.
Criticism is welcomed and even encouraged with thanks given in the hope to improve products.
It is the abrasive attitudes that sometimes comes along with it, that is not welcome.

Thank you for your feedback, it is very welcome. :-TU

Kind regards from Captainsticks.

I’m a long time user of Comodo (I use the firewall only) and I also think the policy of installing a new product during an “Update” is underhand and annoying - if it is to be offered it should a plain Yes/No choice, not some devious scheme of myriad customize and cancel options, only one of which arrives at “No”

I have to agree with the OP and everyone else, offering PrivDog and setting hompage to Yahoo is simply WRONG period, many of us have installed CIS on customers/clients as well as friends and family’s computers, many of these people are not always able to cope well with additional components in installers let alone in updates, the net result of sneaking opt-out components could be either constant annoying UAC prompts and black screens, to they launch browser and find there browser/OS has changed, yes I said ‘OS’ as some people see a browser as there OS, this can lead to confusion and/or upset believing they have broken something, then we the point of contact for them have to then uninstall PrivDog and reset there homepage, then console them that they have done nothing wrong, please please stop putting PrivDog and Yahoo homepage into updates, the installers I don’t have a problem with this, but not the updates please!!

Hi AimeeLW,
Thanks for posting your thoughts and feedback, your post is polite and it is appreciated. :-TU
Maybe something for the wishlist.

Just bare in mind the OPer did say PrivDog installs even when it is not selected.
If that was to happen it would be a bug not a wish, but I have installed/updated numerous times and it has never installed when it is not selected.


[at] captainsticks: After re-reading today I guess I had a slight attitude when posting which I apologise for, guess sometimes we get a bit to ‘emotionally’ evolved sometimes and it gets to us, but I always try to be polite in what I post, but I thank you for your kind words, ty :slight_smile:

Yes, this does happen, and PrivDog’s install will get stuck trying to install over and over, this generates daily and constant UAC prompts for the end user, this can lead to darkening of the screen that some tell me is screen going black, not actually going all black like monitor turned off, but that the UAC prompt overlays desktop / application window and makes it much darker, so I get reports back of problems with there computers, when I check I find out its PrivDog’s installer stuck trying to install after an CIS update, I know its PrivDog from the phone calls or emails as they mention something called the dog, so I know they mean PrivDog when they mention the dog, wouldnt be so bad if it wasn’t for the UAC prompts which for them is more annoying, I really hope Comodo can either make these options opt-in, or remove them, just leave these options for the installer and not updates would resolve these issues :slight_smile:

Like others if this keeps happening then I will have to either disable updates for CIS or look for an alternative for these people which is sad as CIS has been protecting these people for years and they have been happy with the protection it gives them, so far not one computer has been infected while using CIS, so it be great if Comodo could resolve this issue with the updater trying to install PrivDog or changing homepage’s :slight_smile:

Hi AimeeLW,
Thank you and no apology required from you, your post was fine. :-TU
I do understand what you are saying.
Yes I agree the installation behaviour would be best changed for updates, to correspond with the choices made during the initial install. :-TU


I have to agree with OP.

Making an additional product opt in by default and hiding it in advanced settings is deplorable. The majority of users don’t review those by default and are trusting a security product provider to PREVENT unsolicited installations.

I hope that Comodo moves to a more transparent approach in the future, but they have lost my faith and I’m looking for alternatives.

Thank you for your kind words captainsticks, and I really hope that Comodo will listen to everything we have said about this issue and changes are made at some point to the update process to address the issues we all have brought up in this thread :slight_smile:

One other thing that I’m sure that we are all aware of is that optional components such as PrivDog and Comodo Dragon often get offered during installation and/or updates when they are already installed, it would be nice if Comodo could fix this so they are detected already installed and they are not offered during installing or updating CIS, while I appreciate Comodo has its reasons for pushing them to users which is beyond the scope of this topic, it would be good if they were only offered if not currently installed, hopefully this to can be resolved at some point in the future :slight_smile:

[at] IrritatedExUser: I don’t think ‘deplorable’ is necessary the right word, I think Comodo are just following standard practices that many companies use, while I agree its misguided and unfortunately that they feel this is the right approach or direction to take there company and products, it is there company and these are there products to do as they will even if its not to users liking, we can only express our feelings and opinions on this matter then hope they listen and change, if not then we have a choice to either put up with it or go look to a different company and product for our needs. As I have stated in another post I also agree (with you and others) that the opt-in approach is the right one, and I believe Comodo should have all optional components unticked by default, hopefully they will listen to users and make the right decisions some point in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks also to you AimeeLW,
I have issued a report in the tracker in regards to whatever is selected during a clean install should be honoured during a program update.

Program updates should honour all original installation selections, including PrivDog & Yahoo.

Now we wait and see. :slight_smile:

Thanks from Captainsticks.

This is really great news and I will be crossing my fingers hoping this gets resolved in time for next update or so, thanks for reporting this issue to Comodo on our behalf and all your work with the tracker to, is very much appreciated by all of us concerned with this issue, ty :slight_smile: