Privdog install problem under Chrome


My problem: I can’t use privdog with google chrome (latest version under Win7).
Downloaded the installer, installed it, but I can’t see the privdog addon in Chrome: extension section.
I tried re-install it: already installed as error message.

How can I use this addon?


Hi molngab!
The plugin is not enabled in the latest version of Chrome. You can enable it in your browser settings. Tools / extensions. It appears because Chrome was updated to the 31st version. Changed the rules of connection extensions. Our programmers have corrected this issue. the fix is present in the last version(

Can you:
1)Close Chrome
2)Install the setup
3)Open Tools / extensions

Is the plugin present in this section?

Thanks for the help!

i followed the steps.
and the result: no addon.

Can you use the v1.8.0.15?

Thanks (CLY)