PrivDog IE Beta 2 Released

Hi All,

Today we’re making available PrivDog Beta 2 for Beta Testing.

This version is a beta version and may contain defects and/or features that are subject to change following the beta testing period and should therefore not be used on production systems.

The Beta 2 version for Internet Explorer can be downloaded from the following URL:

Note for IE 10 users, you may need to activate the plug-in after installation via the IE message bar at the bottom when IE is first run. Open a new tab and all should work fine.

Note for Windows 8 users: PrivDog for IE on Winodws 8 works for IE in desktop mode and doesn’t work for IE in Metro full screen mode.

This IE version does not have a threat counter added to the toolbar icon that Chrome and FF have, we’re working to find a solution for this.

New: Improved performance for load times and navigation, for me I get load time as 0.02s and navigation from 0.1s to 0.24s
Fixed: A large number of beta defects have been fixed including a memory leak.

I look forward to see all your feedback including load and navigation times.


good work guys!

Thanks Shane.
So. What can I say.
This version is at least beginning to work.
True PrivDog in IE 10 is very slow work.
I attach a screenshot of time.
What would PrivDog earned in IE, it is necessary to restart the PC, after installing the PrivDog. (Should start autorun program’s PrivDog.)
P.S. Without rebooting the system PrivDog did not work after the first installation.
And more:
Although PrivDog (in IE )shows the lock, when switching in settings PrivDog-nothing. Shows nothing and no way to add an exception. Screen.- 074944,080647.
Win7 32 bit SP1.

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Roll back the OS and reinstall a PrivDog.

  1. Navigation time ranges from 0.3 … - 0.8 …
  2. Without rebooting the OS ( after install PrivDog) - PrivDog not work. (No startup programs).
  3. IE 10 is very slow.
  4. The rest is all the same thing as the post above.
    The third installation PrivDog.
    Navigation time - screenshot. ???
    Removed PD. We are waiting for answers.

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we are testing this issue.
Can you answer?
1)do you work as an user or admin?
2)can you see the trustedadssvc.exe in the task manager?
once you have installed the setup
3)Is UAC enabled?

thank you!

  1. Yes. I am alone on this PC. Screen.
    so I ran the installation a program as an administrator.
  2. Now I deleted PrivDog. But if you want I can check. ( It seems there was this process - about 22Mb)
  3. UAC is always on.
2)can you see the trustedadssvc.exe in the task manager? once you have installed the setup
Immediately after installation or after a system reboot? I watched the processes after reboot OS.

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Immediately after installation - the trustedadssvc.exe should be present

thank you a lot!
do you have any tools which prevent:

  1. program registration for autorun in registry
  2. execution of programs registered for autorun in registry
do you have any tools which prevent:
No. After installation, I see PrivDog startup. ( in CCleaner) Screen - 152947 But it does not work in IE until you reboot the system.
Immediately after installation - the trustedadssvc.exe should be present
Ok. I check. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshot: Immediately after installation. The process can not. PrivDog not work. ------------------------------------------------------------- Now restart my system. Wait. After restart OS - proccess ok Screenshot

[attachment deleted by admin]

I tried Privdog Beta 2 in Internet Explorer 10 and he is my reports and screenshots.

I am the Admin of this Main Computer.

I cannot see trustedadssvc.exe in Taskbar under Processes I see something else but shown on Snapshot 5

UAC is enabled to the MAX setting.

So here is my shots.

As soon as I installed Privdog Beta 2 I Closed Internet Explorer and re-opened it. And I got this: shown in Snapshot 1 < I ignored it and pressed Done.

I checked Privdog and all looked OK. Seen in Snapshot 2

I then set Block All ad Networks, closed down Internet Explorer 10 then re-opened it and this is what is shown on Snapshot 3 < in Snapshot 3 is what I set in Blue. And in the Red Marker is what is shown after I reopen I.E. 10.

I then went to Internet Options and looked under Manage Add-Ons and the Blue Markers show the Load Time and Navigation. That is shown on Snapshot 4

And Last upon Least, Remember you asked us do you see trustedadssvc.exe well I didn’t It shows this on what it has in Screen shot 5.

I hope I have clearly Marked everything out to the best of My Knowledge.

So if there is anything else you wish to know just ask

Kind Regards


P.S. Privdog is working very well for me,23 blocked ads since starting to use it.

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Nige_39, Thank you! You have a very good report!


I also installed CCleaner. Then Privdog.
But it works for me. Can you repeat but with CCleaner turned off?
Thank you!

Glad to be of Service NPoberezhnaya :-TU

Do you think that CCleaner conflict? ???
All right. Wait. I’ll just remove CCleaner and repeat the installation PrivDog.

Well. I removed CCleaner.
Nothing. Screen. All the same.
Have to restart the system.
Can Sandboxie?
P.S. I’ll be watching. I do not know what’s the matter?
Could this be due to the regional language? Name PC and etc.

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I have been using Internet Explorer 10 now for a good 30 mins and load times and Navigation are looking better like shown. in Latest Snapshot.

Also I have not restarted My PC only closed and opened webpages with I.E.10

I Like to add that Privdog is still hammering away and up to now 30 Threats Blocked since Browser Started. And all running on default settings.

Block all ads is not Sticking at all as well.


Something I forgot to add: trustedadssvc.exe is present and running fine. Also the Privdog Startup tool does not show. Like I shown on Snapshot 5 on my first post within this beta 2 of Privdog.

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Thank you! Your feedback is very important for our team (:HUG)

Not this the reason a PrivDog does not work?
This file is received … and locked.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, this may be the reason. You can verify that digital signatures for this file issued by Adtrustmedia and may allow this file execution. After that you can execute the setup and verify that all components are installed and work. Hope it should help.

Thank a lot,

I thought so. All right. I look and check it out.
Thank you.

P.S. No it does not solve the problem.
All the same.
If any of the ideas ? I had myself a look.
Thank you.
akorenyak - see PM.


It is strange that your having Issues with Privdog beta 2 for IE. I have the same build and using I.E. 10.

And mine seems to working OK. maybe it’s a Location thing like you said in early posts.??

My only issue I have is: If I select Block all Ad Networks, < that don’t stick if I close the page and Reopen it. It Reverts back to Default Setting.

I hope you get it worked out for you soon



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password tomorrow changed.

I can not send PM ( 10 time) Screen.
If you need I to tell here.
See PM - I send.

Nigel Thanks.

maybe it's a Location thing like you said in early posts.??
At what point?

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Reply 11, where you said this: Could this be due to the regional language? Name PC and etc.

That is what I meant, if it wasn’t I’m sorry.