PrivDog, IceDragon and Google Calendar


I have noticed this on Ice Dragon and Firefox 22.0, that with PrivDog enabled I cannot create or edit an event on Google Calendar. Disabling PrivDog resolves the issue. Adding to the exceptions list partly fixes it. From there I can do a quick create, but editing the calendar item leads to a white / blank / page. This behavior has been replicated on 2 machine - A HP Laptop running Windows 8 64 bit & Firefox 22.0 and a home built with Windows 7 64 bit.

Thank you for your attention! PrivDog seems very, very cool.


Hello MisterWeather!
Thanks for the detailed description. Your feedback is very important to us
I will test this issue.

Thank you for the quick response. If I can supply any additional information please let me know.



It’s been a few months and the issue has been somewhat resolved. I’m on IceDragon and still have an issue with Google Calendar. When I first load Google Calendar the majority of my appointments do not appear. If I move forward one week, I get no response. If I move forward another week, everything appears. But then I am stuck at that point. I do have in the exceptions list.

This issue does not appear to affect Chrome. If I run Chrome there is no issue at all. I am wondering if there have been other reports similar to this one. Attached is a screen shot of the Addons I have. I’ve tried disabling them all with the same affect, so it does not appear to be the addons.

One improvement since the original post, I can add new events into Google Calendar but no edit them, or existing events. Plus it is very s l o w when performing the edits.

Thanks you for your attenton.


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Oh, and one other note. I have added into the exceptions list, but will not save. Tells me “wrong domain” I have tried a few variants such as *, * and PrivDog still says not in exceptions list.


Thank you very much for your feedback! We have the ticket about this issue. But we can not reproduce: (

if you add “” then Privdog does not scan this site.
We can add to the list of exceptions only domain in in Chrome And we can add domains and wildcards (“*” or “?”) in FF.

Again, thank you for the response and working with me on this. I have attached two screenshots - one of the exceptions list and the other of the response that google is not in the exceptions list.

Perhaps I’m just missing something - it happens - but I think I have the wild cards set as you’ve shown in other posts.

Another little oddity - I use the week view in Google Calendar as default view. If I jump forward one week, the screen does not change. If I jump forward two weeks, all my appointments [for that +2 week period] are there! If I try to go back, it freezes.

Again, this is with Ice Dragon. Chrome works fine. I guess I could load and try Comodo Dragon to see if the issues are replicated…


attachments PrivDogExceptions.PNG → web sites as I have them in the PrivDog exceptions list

PrivDogExceptions2.PNG → shot of the response from PrivDog with a snippet of the URL below

[attachment deleted by admin]

How do i fix this?
I have the exact same problem?
Google Calendar + PrivDog +FF 25.0.1 = not working.
Google Calendar + PrivDog +Chrome = OK

Windows 7 64 bit FF 25.0.1 (Adblock Plus 2.4 Noscript PrivDog)
The only thing fixing Google Calendar is disable PrivDog.
And PrivDog on
“This site is NOT in your exceptions.”
“No threats were found on this page.”

I also tried to turn off all in PivDog:

This site is NOT in your exceptions.
No threats were found on this page.

Ad Networks: 0 detected
Trackers: 0 detected
To block these click here
3rd Party Widgets: 0 detected
To block these click here
Statistics: 0 detected
To block these click here
3rd Party Cookies: not blocked
To block these click here

0Threats blocked since browser started

it’s because it’s address?

We have the ticket for devs. I hope that they would explore this issue
thank you for the feedback!!! (CLY)

Thanks for your feedback, guys, we’re already looking into this issue.