Privdog for Android


Simple wish really, as in simple to understand but not simple to do perhaps. My wish is for PrivDog to come to Android, I believe it would be possible on rooted devices only though.

Kitty Kitty Meow Meow … By that I mean Sanya…

I like this idea, but is one problem. Namely, probably the application does not have found in google play. Google removes applications type adblock, for example Adblock plus been removed from google play.

Well yes I thought that wouldn’t be an issue since they never got on the Chrome Web store either, I think it would be fine as a standalone .apk

Ad blockers were banned from the Play Store because Google got into the ad business themselves. They don’t want their own ads blocked.
AdBlocker is still available from the developer’s website.
And no, I do not want PrivDog on my phone.
I use AdBlocker, I do not wish to have (app) selected ads come through.
I do not want any ads come through, chewing up my data plan. Expensive enough without some ap, or ads, adding to the cost.
Bad idea.

Hi John,
With PrivDog on Windows, you can select the setting to ‘block all ad networks’.

Kind regards.

Exactly, I would set it to block all ads. I tried ad block plus for android but after a while it stopped blocking stuff until I launched the application again, now I use ad aware.

You’re right. I switched to AdAway myself, keeping Hosts file updated.