Privdog doesn't show in Firefox New Private Window

I had Firefox 22.0 running and decided to open up a new private window, Once opened, the Privdog icon isn’t shown so it isn’t working.

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I believe by default extensions are not loaded while in private browsing. Do any of your other extensions load in private browsing?

That is how it is in Chrome, but in firefox extensions load in private or non private mode. Adblock plus does, so why doesn’t Privdog?

I’m not sure, and I don’t currently have Firefox installed to check.

Can anyone else with Firefox check and see if the same behavior is seen on your system as well?

FF 22 (Portable) all ok.( But not private) Private not work.
Even no icon. When you open a new private query window.

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Other extensions work.

Thanks for the feedback :-TU You are helping us to improve the quality of our product. We already have the ticket about this issue on backlog. I think our programmers will solve this problem