PrivDog counting continuously on the posted site.

Hi, for me the dog (PrivDog) run amok on this
site never stop counting.

W7 x64.

I see what you mean :SMLR

I left it at Privdog at 5260 and still counting. LOL

I activated Disconnect and that had 3200 and counting.

So that site got so many bad things that I don’t wish to know.



If you go the site first with Images and Javascript supressed ( in the advanced settings ) = No problem

As soon as you allow for the site though … Holy smokes you are right :slight_smile:

O_o Thats quite amazing to watch - The PrivDog counter ( on its little icon ) does not have enough digits to display the count after a while.

The laptops fan starts to ■■■■ harder as more and more processor is used and more heat being generated

And trying to click PrivDog to see all the Trackers being blocked takes an age to pop up.

I did a Ctrl+Alt+Del to shut down Dragon, it became unresponsive after the total started going past the millions

Same here with Dragon.
This appears to be a conflict of some kind as the issue is not present with IceDragon and PrivDog. :-\

We will check it, thank you.

Fix will be available in next 30 minutes.

Thank you for feedback.

Thank you oyaremchuk.

Unless the forum is displaying the date and time wrong, 30 minutes have passed since the last time of edit, however the issue isn’t fixed. Was the fix ineffective or has it not yet been issued? ???

Please try to close and then open your browser, and check it one more time.

It is fixed here now, thank you. :-TU
1-3rd Party Widget.

Tried that and still having the same issue, also tried clearing all browser data. I’m using chrome though, not dragon, perhaps that is the problem?

Hi SanyaIV,
I tried with Portable Chrome and the issue is not present. :-\

Lets do one more thing. Try to disable/enable PrivDog and then reload your browser one more time. And please check, that you have no instances of Chrome remain in system, before open it again. It must help anyway.

Tried it, still didn’t work. Although as long as it works for other and I’m the only one still having the problem, I don’t mind. I don’t even know the page and probably won’t go there again.

Edit: As seen from the post below mine the issue does seem to still happen for others :-\

The problem is there.
CD 27.2 portable.
Disable, Enable, Reset. It does not help.

Edit: starts counting slowly to 5, then run quickly.

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Please give me your Chrome version number.

Anyway i will pass this problem to our dev team for investigation.

Thank you.

Inconsistent findings.
Chrome Portable Version 27.0.1453.94, issue not present.
Dragon Installed Version, issue not present.

Dragon Portable Version, issue is present.

CD 27.2 ( Full install, not portable ) Working after browser close

Its not running up the count like a mad dog frothing at the mouth anymore on that site anyway :slight_smile:

Google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116 m

I have a site on which I took a look at. and Privdog caught all theses

The Site was >

I was watching different videos but I got all that only after watching 3 of them out of 10.

So here is the screen shots.



P.S. The screen shot of Privdog shows 107 and not 104. It jumped up by the time I copied the screenshot also the 371 is what Disconnect caught, but I’m not posting that since it’s a different client, unless you want me to post it ?

[attachment deleted by admin]

the problem with seems to be fixed for me now.