PrivDog Breaks Google Drive

Hi there - I was having a problem loading Google Drive in my browser (Attached screenshot of the issue).

I initially went to the G Drive forum for help and after following the suggestion and going through disabling and enabling all the extensions, I narrowed it down to PrivDog. As soon as I disabled it, I was able to load Google Drive in my browser. I’ve since reenabled all of the other extensions, and I am still able to load G Drive. I tested to be sure by reenabling PrivDog, and as soon as I did, G Drive would not load.

I’m using Win 7 64-bit Home Premium with Firefox 28, although the problem started when Firefox updated to 27.0.1.
See here for reference from the G Drive forum where I got help initially: Google Product Forums

I really liked the way PrivDog worked, and would love to be able to reenable it eventually.

Thanks for your help!
JC Torpey

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Hi jctorpey!

Sorry to hear you experienced problems using PrivDog.

This issue will be reported to the development team and they’ll issue a fix as soon as they can.
thank you!

Hi to you both,
As a workaround until this is solved adding or to PrivDogs exceptions list may allow the site to function correctly.

Kind regards.