Privdog breaks gmail "reply" in Chrome

since a few days I lost “reply” option when using gmail with Chrome browser.

there is no quick reply window (blank instead), and forcing via “more->reply” just blanks a few lines under a mail message.

disabling privdog in “extensions” restores correct “reply” function

Chrome 34.0.1847.116 m
win7 x64

I just saw this, Privdog devs please fix.

I noticed that and a few more buttons on other sites that did not work. It apparently interferes with websites functions. I will not tale the time to find out which languages. >:(

My personal and very recent experience with this specific issue pertains specifically to TVGuide/listings ‘I’ll watch’ feature, until I discovered the PrivDog threat alert indicator. Its a red number to the left of the PrivDog icon in the toolbar. Once the site was placed into PrivDog exclusions, everything worked ducky.

It was a stroke of luck that the detected threat indicator appeared in the sandboxed session of CID that caused me to investigate this. I discovered that the non-sandboxed CID session would not display the detected threat indicator. However, in both cases PrivDog blocked functionality of the site, albeit the display looked normal.

If you’re at a site where things no longer are working, click on the PrivDog icon. If it is indeed blocking anything, it’ll show the number of threats detected in various categories. If functionality is missing, then the site needs to be placed into the exclusion listing.

If there are threats and there is no threat detection indication, well, then, that’s a bug in PrivDog specifically WRT to alerting (not its putative functionality).