PrivDog blocking SoundCloud players?!

It seems PrivDog is blocking some SoundCloud players like:

I added to Exceptions list and now it’s working again. I did not find any problems playing music directly from yet.

Oh, and i have this problem only on Comodo Dragon. On Ice Dragon the player is working fine without adding it to Exception list.

Hi radut88

We will check it asap, and if there is our problem - we will fix it.

Thank you for feedback.

I can 2nd it that there is an issue between the mentioned site and PrivDog.
Thank you.
Edit: Spelling correction.

We fixing it now. I think solution will be available in next 30 minutes.

Please don’t forget to restart browser/plugin before checking.

Thank you.

Hi oyaremchuk,
It is fixed here, thanks. :-TU

Fixed for me too, thanks :-TU