Privdog automatically locked.

Hello the Privdog was blocked by google chrome and states that can not be unlocked.
Below is the link that was directed by google chrome to learn more.

Comodo needs to get PrivDog in the Chrome Web Store. No other way around it.

So it was in the Chrome Web Store and found the Privdog available there.
The Privdog is available in the Chrome Web Store? If so could you pass me the link.

PrivDog is not in the Chrome Web Store. Just double checked. :frowning:

More on the blocking of extensions on Windows:

But is there any way to unlock the Privdog?
What Comodo is thought to do about this problem? Comodo will provide the Privdog the Chrome Web Store?

To host PrivDog on the Chrome Web Store would be the solution. I’m not sure that will happen, though. Comodo has known about this policy since November last year and not yet hosted PrivDog on the Chrome Web Store.

ad18 and JoWa
thanks for the information.