PrivDog and Firefox problem?

Is there a reason PrivDog does not work in Firefox?
I have PrivDog installed but does not show up in my
FF add-ons.

[i]Q- After I install PrivDog, is there a PrivDog program to run?

No. PrivDog simply installs extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Comodo Dragon and Comodo Ice Dragon Windows browsers with Internet Explorer coming soon. The browser and PrivDog do all of the work from that point.[/i]

It should work for firefox. Now when i think about it, i remember that i never got it to work either.

I see no issue, with Privdog on Ice Dragon,

It works just fine.

With all due respect, I’m wanting to know about PrivDog and “Firefox”.

Hi Para-Noid,
I am not sure why it is not installing for you.
If PrivDog was installed first (Before Firefox), uninstalling/re-installing should solve the issue.
That failing please try my suggestion below.

  1. Download the zip folder attached and extract the .xpi file.
  2. Drag’n’Drop the .xpi file into an open window of Firefox.


[attachment deleted by admin]

@ captainsticks Thanks! I had to completely remove PrivDog from my system (which I thought I did).
Then re-install, it works now. I’m happy now. PrivDog is a great tool in my layered approach
to security and privacy. My system CFW v5.12, avast free, MBAM Premium v2.0 RC 1.

                       Thanks again!

You are welcome, it is good to hear that PrivDog has been revived. :-TU

I have three computers that I use for the internet, a laptop & PC each running W7 sp1 & a netbook running Wxp sp3. Each has two user profiles, a password protected administrator which never connects & a standard that is used solely for that purpose using IceDragon on the first two and firefox on the netbook.
In all three cases, PrivDog only installs to the administrator: All users\etc has a folder for PD but it is empty, \etc had nothing at all.
The .xpi worked nicely, thank you but perhaps the authors should think of installing to all users.

I installed the latest exe from PrivDog site onto pre-existing installed CID on Win2003 R2 and it installed v2.1.0.21 w/ out browser icon. I checked updates and it said none available. Which I thought was odd, since my WinXP recently updated from the default v1.8.0.15 that gets installed w/ CIS v6.3.302093
to v2.1.0.22

I just did your trick and it installed v1.9.0.21 and the icon suddenly appeared. I then removed v2.1.0.21 from the extensions list.

The icon appeared, with the threat indicator and allowed me to add web-site into exceptions. It ignored exceptions.

So I uninstalled PrivDog and extracted the executable from v6.3 and installed it. It installed v1.8.0.15 and then updated to v2.1.0.22.

No icon in the browser.

I figured out why PrivDog exceptions weren’t being followed: either an entry in HOSTS from, SpyBot S&D Immunization, or SpyBot Resident SD Helper. SpyBot Immunization accomplishes two things, it adds a whole slew of additional entries into the HOSTS file, and the one it adds to HOSTS it also places into the IE Restricted zone.

W/ default HOSTS file, SpyBot Resident SD Helper disabled, and’s DelDomains.inf installed - deletes all entries from IE Restricted / Trusted Zones - PrivDog exceptions list becomes affective.

So now to figure out which component of the aforementioned is breaking the interactive functionality of the site.

As far as the issue of missing icon w/ PrivDog site offline installer, dunno. All I know is that the CIS v6.3
PrivDog extracted installer installs v1.8.0.15, an update immediately occurs (to v2.1.0.22) and after CID restart, a warning message appears about an XPI installation by PrivDog v1.8.0.15, which after allowing, the PrivDog icon appears.

I’ve determined that the unaffectiveness of PrivDog exception list was due to an entry in base, i.e., Spybot unaltered, HOSTS file, i.e.,

Once that line was REM’d in HOSTS, the exclusion list took affect for that site and allowed interactive functionality.

After implementing NOSCRIPT add-on, I was able to block 17 of 19 scripts on page - that otherwise would be allowed by exclusion (which w/ out exclusion seen 13 threats) - and retain desired interactive functionality.

UPDATE: I’m also quite pleased at the complementary nature of PrivDog & NoScript. Although it would be nicer if specific threats on any arbitrary page could be left enabled, rather than enabling the entire page.

PrivDog is not yet on the official Mozilla Firefox addons list, but an XPI is a must.

It’s good that I could get one, at last.

In case someone wants a fresh PrivDog as an XPI, I’ve just extracted one. August, 2014. Ver.
Get it here:]PrivDog Ver. Firefox XPI
MD5: A76E366FA897EFE7D642D62D11E50F11
SHA-1: 4A83630773DEDDFD656655C8652B7399588B146A

Proof I did it right:

I couldn’t find it anywhere. But now you can.

Savein1987, I added MD5 and SHA1 hashes to your download link.