Privdog and Ad Sanitizer

Privdog had a problem.I know there isn’t the problem in Comodo Dragon version.But it means privdog can make important mistakes.After this issue comodo started using ad sanitizer.But it is ad trust media’s product.Privdog ,too.

Privdog and Ad Sanitizer removes ads and adds safe ads.But this causes web page issues at same web pages.Examples

other web page

Also web pages open slow with this ads.Google ads or another ad platform loads faster then those ads.
Comodo,please remove all of ad trust media products.Ad block+,Ad block,Adguard is better then Ad Trust Media products.

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Hi abrkackl,
All ad filtering/blocking products can cause issues on certain sites and it is not only AdtrustMedia products, this is generally intentional by the site owner for obvious reasons.
I totally disagree that sites open slower when using AdSanitizer, in fact the site opens quicker as the ad content is the last to load.
Any previous PrivDog issues were corrected quickly and are history now.

I can assure you that AdtrustMedia products will not be removed from the Comodo browsers.

Kind regards.

I have removed Ad Sanitizer and use uBlock. Much better!

Do not use adblockers like AdblockPlus or Adguard… because they come with “acceptable ads”, it can be optional but novice users still see ads, you know what I mean.
Also, Do not use Adsanitizer, PrivDog extensions if you really care blocking ads. Because these extensions come with “AdTrustMedia Ads” by default, so novice users again see ads by default. This is totally against my mind type. :-TD

I wonder how many adsanitizer actively used?

Please use “uBlock Origin” for blocking ads, you can also activate many host files and good filters. Nowadays, uBlock Origin is the best “real” adblocker. :-TU

uBlock Origin for Chrome - uBlock Origin for Firefox - uBlock Origin for Opera

Adblock plus or adguard do not cause webpage issues or slow loading.Adblock plus or adguard is better than Ad Trust Media products.Ublock is better than Adblock plus or adguard.

After some usage period, AdblockPlus slowed down browsers especially Firefox, it is proven. Google it.
AdTrustMedia just an advertisement company, Adsanitizer is a product from Comodo.
Melih owns AdTrustMedia.

Hi Guys,
They will all have pros and cons.
Site reviews are no proof of anything IMHO, a lot of if not all reviews are submitted on personal opinions and not facts.
With uBlock it has been requested to allow unobtrusive ads, which could very well happen in the future if they want to stay competitive.

Most other filtering extensions including AdSanitizer have block all ad networks options.
The trouble with blocking all ads (Instead of allowing acceptable) isn’t only risking breaking the free web as we know it, it also has potential to cause agencies to look for other ways to attract attention which in turn costing $ increasing product costs to us all.

I also say if we continue with this envious mindset that we shouldn’t support anyone making a dollar from acceptable ads, I got news for you all.
All free to use software creators have personal gain in one way or another.
Most of the mentioned extensions are either asking for my money or they allow acceptable ads and they give me nothing more than the extension in return.

AdSanitizer creators on the other hand also generously supply us all with numerous other great security software for free to use forever.
What goes around comes around.
If someone is kind, generous or supportive to me, I will return the favours as it is human nature to do so in a non envious way.


The adlocker extension usage is not high on world level. So, I am not interested in “free software creators worries”.
There are already a lot of people who see all ads on the internet.
Comodo is very clever company, they also want a piece of pie from this acceptable ads .Then Comodo created AdSanitizer trying to make money from this ads. The companies will come to AdTrustMedia to show their ads in webpages for AdSanitizer users. Then those companies make money., and Comodo makes money.

I do not think that “showing ads” is a solution. People should learn “donate” on projects, instead of seeing ads.
AdblockPlus makes their money from acceptable ads, it is too weird for me. Those acceptable ads filters also available in English Filter to block them ??? Only big companies can afford to add their ads in accceptable ads list.

AdSanitizer gives an option to block all ads, you will find the preference to disable this behavior – but how many people do that?
Even you uncheck the AdTrustMedia ads, AdSanitizer cannot block all ads. This is not a success, this is just a Comodo’s strategy to make money on advertisement area. But, I am happy that it is bundled with Comodo browser so many users get rid of most of ads. :-TU

The big companies can track you without ads, so I will say again “showing ads is not a solution”. This is my idea :slight_smile:

Hi yigido,
I personally much prefer to see some safe advertising over being asked for a donation.
To many people from all walks of life want your money, if I was to donate to every organization that have asked me for a donation I would have to take on a second paid job to cover the costs.

I see no negative in companies trying to find a happy medium with benefits for all parties concerned.
Novice or expert users alike are all capable of changing filter options to their liking, it is not rocket science.

No ad filter/blocker can block all ads, the agencies are always working on ways to circumvent filters.

Just my thoughts, thanks.

Hello Captain,

I understood you :wink:
I love this word “This is not rocket science” :smiley: but people are lazy! They have zero common-sense and some of them really have zero knowledge.
Donations are not need to be much.
Actually, I do not want to see any ads on the webpages.

These are my thoughts :slight_smile:
Peace :-TU

Hi yigido,
Agreed. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

How to submit ad networks to Adsanitizer and PrivDog? to make my people benefit more from this extension?

Hi yigido,

Kind regards.

I want to make ad networks blocked, how should I contact? I know this website.


You can use the form here:


Please check the inbox, I sent the message :-TU

So what is the fundamental difference betwixt the two? When I look at the AdSanitizeer GUI, aside from the green theme, it has exactly the same layout and functionality implied that of PrivDog.

It seems AdSanitozer if for Chrome only, e.g., Dragon?

Both Privdog and AdSanitizer I find less attractive than Adguard addon.

Try this in your browser and make your choice. To filter google ads and similar, choose to block them in its options. They are allowed by default.