PrivDog RC for download

Hi All,

PrivDog team is moving forward!

The release of PrivDog RC is ready for testing.

The RC is available for download from the following link:
File hash SHA256: 691e836d8a3bbb2ebd71d323a6a751aa78bff11ce9876f03f9507653468a5d1b
VirusTotal report: VirusTotal

Note: Only run this RC on testing systems and not production systems.

We look forward to hearing your feedback so you can help form the final product we’ll all be using and improve its quality.

New feature is introduced in PrivDog RC: multiuser support!
From now, each user may have the own PrivDog profile, which means that each user may configure PrivDog individually
Statistics is being gathered and displayed per each account too

Issues fixed in this version:

Please let us know what do you think & feel!

great job guys!

Congratulations guys!


Thanks for the release. I was having some really noticable slow downs with the previous build. I just installed the RC on my windows 7 partition and its running great. Both bugs i reported have been fixed. :-TU Performance is much better but i have ran into a bug

when you do any search on then try to click on an image nothing happens. I have tried allowing widgets but this doesnt help

Similarly~ i cant upload the video to Youtube. after i register the “” in exceptions list, i can upload to youtube.

Blogspot ( Login bar is hide by privdog.

  1. 3party widget - block
  2. privdog exception does not normally ignore.
  3. if switch off (Allow) the 3party widget, the site normally show the login bar

video - - YouTube

notification icon does not show.

Congrats with the new release. :■■■■

Installing it as I type. Looking forward to test it with Opera 12.17.

Do you have a list of fixes for us? As a user of old school Opera browser I’m very curious to see Opera fixes.

Performance is better indeed.

but i have ran into a bug

when you do any search on then try to click on an image nothing happens. I have tried allowing widgets but this doesnt help

This bug is confirmed here on Dragon, Firefox 33.1.1, IceDragon, Chromium Secure. It does not happen with Opera 12.17 but that may be due to the fact that PD does not filter https sites on Opera.

Could you add Otter browser to the list of supported browsers? It is trying to recreate the classic Opera interface. More information:

Thank you for your feedback friends!

Team will carefully retest these bugs and contact you with questions if something will be not clear

Please give us more your impressions :slight_smile:

Please remove this link there : Screenshot by Lightshot
It doesnt make good sense on PrivDog users. I clicked it and the page that opnened says “TURN BROWSERS
INTO BUYERS” :o What do you think Melih, will users trust this ?? I don’t think so. Creating Trust with PrivDog but not with this link.
Maybe you should write “” instead of “” ! It is a request.

Internet speed is good now.
I have an advertisement HERE
Screenshot : Screenshot by Lightshot
You should add it to filters.

Privdog breaks this page : in Cyberfox browser. It didn’t happen in Opera browser.


I faced a problem in Cyberfox browser protection of PrivDog.
When the protection is enabled, I cannot load and view the “https” site like Facebook, Twitter etc.
but I disabled the protection of Cyberfox and every page loads and views perfect. There is a problem with “https” site IMO.
Please see the video that shows the problem.

Video :

PS. I started Cyberfox in safemode and the issue is exist in safemode.

Kind Regards,

When I want to submit samples to Avira and AVG on their submission form.
Here and Here
The pages stops working… I cannot send the samples to them. Please test with a file and try to send them a file with PrivDog enabled.
I cannot send the files. See the screenshots :
while sending to Avira : Screenshot by Lightshot
while sending to AVG : Screenshot by Lightshot

I think PrivDog blocks something on these sites from beginning to finish of sending samples.

From the small amount of time iv used the RC I’m impressed. Browsing speeds are improved and most sites are working as expected. If privdog keeps moving in this direction I will make it my primary ad blocker.

I just wish (like many users) privdog had a tray icon when the program is running.

My second biggest wish is for privdog to block popups

edit: i still notice a small delay when browsing but has been improved since previous builds. Keep improving performance in future builds.

Observations with Opera 12.17 x86 from my netbook on Windows 8.1.

Privdog is not blocking on https sites. In the list of browsers in settings Opera 12.17 is being referred to as Opera x64.

A wish that has more than likely been asked for before. I would like Privdog to show the number of objects of a page that it is blocking like Ghostery does. Not show how many objects it has blocked in total. It is interesting to know how many trackers are on a specific page.

The performance issue with upsetting WMI service is solved with this release.

It cannot block Youtube video ads in Opera 25. This is inform to you.

Hi Savit!
You have a very useful blog! :-TUThank you for the help. We added all bugs for our devs.

Hi Eric! thank you for your time and help! :-TU
I will add the improvement.

Cant download it: Hostname lookup for “privdog.comhttp” failed

Hmm worked now when i tried with dragon… something with the opera browser

Yeah, I got the same as you yigido and the same for opera 26. So I’m going to stick to Privdog Version < and that is the old version that runs fine with Opera if you have Chrome Extension :slight_smile:



Will there be any problem if i run privacy badger and privdog togheter? :slight_smile: