PrivDog Beta for download

Hi All,

We’d like to announce the release of PrivDog Beta for beta testing.
The beta release is available for download from the following link:
File hash SHA256: 2575b2214cc7b98d632b34172316e23df4613843ee0998bf6258bb258b109a8a
VirusTotal report: VirusTotal

Note: Only run this beta on testing systems and not production systems.

We look forward to hearing your feedback so you can help form the final product we’ll all be using and improve its quality.

Issues fixed in this version:

  • Performance improved - please check it out!
  • Now Opera, FireFox, Safari and many other browsers are fully supported.
  • Broken site issues displaying for various sites resolved
  • Inability to play video, online radio or games on various sites - fixed!
  • Now PrivDog fully supports HTTPS connections
  • …and many more fixes and improvements!

Please let us know what do you think!

great work guys!

Privdog will be a huge tool against privacy invaders!


Thanks Devs :-TU

Congrats with the release and installing as I type. :slight_smile:

Great work Radim and team :slight_smile:

Great can’t wait to test this with Opera 25 :slight_smile:

The First things I have notice since I installed PrivDog is that my browsing pages have gone slow. And the pages feel sluggish.

No2 the Text fonts of the Comodo Forum have gone big. Look at Capture 1

I went into the control panel of Privdog and I disabled it for Opera only and refreshed the webpage of Comodo forum and the font size has returned to normal check Capture 2

and the last thing, I tried it on a random site that has adverts I.E. and within 30 seconds the Privdog Icon disappeared from the bottom right of screen ( So it looks like it crashed)

That is all I have at this time

if you require anymore info just ask



I left it disabled and Ive gone back to > for opera using Google Chrome Extension

[attachment deleted by admin]

It looks great,
In the beginning it was working a little bit slow, but now it works faster.


Thanks dev’s, trying it now.

It’s working ok, now i can surf the web with it, the beta before this didnt load my startpage. Also, it’s not slow for me.

But how about a option to add it to tray?

Dont know if im doing it right or wrong, but i start privdog.exe and then comodo dragon?

Here also noted slowdowns and change the “zoom” (It seems it is an incompatibility with the version of PrivDog forum interface. Just to give an example, the avast forum has the same problem of “zoom” and uses the same version of comodo forums) the page:
33.0.2 firefox browser

I will install this tomorrow. Thanks.

Thanks for this release. :-TU

working great so far but i am also having the issue with larger text like a few others have reported.

Its not all text its just certain forums and the text seems to be about 10% larger. if i decrease text size to 90% in firefox it looks normal.

can a feature be added to block all popups? or give the user an alert that a popup was blocked then allow them to display it?


privdog seems to totally break

[attachment deleted by admin]

I got the same for my E-mails on Outlook and AOL

Yeah I would make the size to 90% as wasgij6 says but I have left it and removed Privdog and gone back to uBlock for time being.


Thanks fungus303 for your feedback. Below you’ll find answers on your questions:

  • Currently we don’t have a requirement on adding icon to the tray, maybe in the future.
  • Privdog.exe is our “PrivDog Control Panel” application, please use it in any time to configure the PrivDog settings in any time when you need to update them.


Thanks Nige_39 for your feedback. We’ll investigate this issue and fix it in next version.


Thanks wasgij6 for your feedback.
I’ll ask PM about adding the feature you’ve asked.
We’ll fix the bug in next version.

Thanks a lot, we appreciate your help.

Does this with startpage on Ie & cyberfox.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Many thanks Alexander