PrivDog Alpha is now available for Alpha testing.

Hi All,

We’d like to announce the release of PrivDog Alpha for alpha testing.
The alpha is available for download from the following link:

Note: Only run this alpha on testing systems and not production systems.

Below is the report page for the above file:

Opera support is only partial in this version and will be working in our next release.

We look forward to hearing your feedback so you can help form the final product we’ll all be using and improve its quality.

Issues fixed in this version:

Defect where: PrivDog is not working on Opera browser, partial fix.
Defect where: Net app pop-up does work when Chromium Secure (Dragon) has PrivDog plugin
Defect where: low performance
Defect where: Youtube videos not playing, error is shown in Chrome
Defect where: slow loading of images first visit to a website
Defect where: user cannot change the image from the gallery
Defect where: PD damaged the site Meaning of phrase Grapes of Wrath? - Answers
Defect where: Privdog breaks the site Download SARDU MultiBoot Creator | BIOS Legacy UEFI support with SRWare Iron
Defect where: download bug
Defect where: The videos are not loading on
Defect where: mode is not changed when the settings are changed in
Defect where: PrivDog icon is not shown in IE
Defect where: The privdog “in browser” icon is selectable
Defect where: privdog icon is not shown on
Defect where: Updated service name (privdogservice to Privacy Content Firewall)
Defect where: Button “Unselect all” works wrong
Defect where: icon is not shown on in IE
Defect where: Bad SERP links
Defect where: Add a threat database version number to the GUI
Defect where: PrivDog GUI should be shown in the front without moving
Defect where: option “Show a notification icon on the bottom right of webpages” is unselected by default

The PrivDog Team.

Thanks for the update Shane, I will be trying it out later today. :-TU

Thanks for the update, downloading now. :-TU

great work guys!

The performance should be greatly improved. Our code had an issue with single threading that was causing a gridlock which we’ve now updated to multi-threading.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Ads not being replaced with trusted ads in IE 11 on Windows 8.1, is this a known bug? Was in previous version too.

I will try soon, thanks.


Problem 1:

I have only ınstalled Comodo Dragon and Cyberfox (x64). These are enabled and OK.
But I have no other browsers but also they are “Enabled” in PrivDog setting. It looks strange to me. Maybe you want to look ,nto it.

Problem 2:
Privdog still cannot protect and blocks ads in Comodo Dragon 33.1

Problem 3:

I already reported in previous alpha release. I opt-out (disabled) “Replace Ad-Trust Media Ads” on installition but after opening the panel. It looks enabled again. even I disabled on installition. Plese fix it.

Problem 4:
After installition, Control Panle shortcut did not appear on desktop. Even I cannot see on Quick Start menu. I have to search on Program Files folder.

Thanks for the update, these are what I found in first look.

Thank you for and congratulations with the update. (:CLP)

Could you comment on the partial fix for Opera browser and let us know what is fixed and what is not fixed yet?

For Opera browsers the Control Panel reports enabled but that there is no Opera browser installed.

Hi Eric,

Replacement doesn’t work yet for Opera.

I’ll give you a new build on Monday with this working. It’s a simple one value change that we found with the final build but I decided to release the Alpha and list it as a known issue.

Monday, promise! :slight_smile:


Let’s start with Problem 2 :). Do you have the privdog extension disabled? Because otherwise privdog application will not block/replace ads, the extension will do that first.

Cant download it, server not found.

Unable to contact the remote server. Please try again later.

Hi Netguy101 !
Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:
Yes, Privdog is not working for some sites. Our devs are investigating this problem.

I have no adblocker extension on the browsers with Privdog Alpha. I know this in previous release. I deleted my adblocker from browser to check Privdog Alpha.

by the way, I already uninstalled on my system.

I am running SRWare Iron version 37.0.2000.0.

I found that if I restart my computer the count of the total threats blocked since installation resets to zero.

I am running SRWare Iron version 37.0.2000.0 on Windows 7 x64.

I found that although the PrivDog process is started very quickly after restarting the computer, that if I start the browser fast enough no ads will be blocked for a while. It seems that the PrivDog protection takes a while to load, even though all extensions work as expected, including Adblock Plus (if I were to enable it).

Below are specific instructions to test this.

  1. Before restarting computer make sure browser is open on a page with ads which will be removed and that the browser is set to automatically start on that page.
  2. Restart computer.
  3. As computer is starting up keep an eye on the connection icon, and as soon as you see that there is a connection choose to start the browser.
  4. The browser/pages may take a while to load, but when the page finally does load the ads will be shown as normal and there will be no PrivDog icon in the lower right corner.
  5. After a few minutes, and refreshing the page multiple times, the Privdog icon will reappear and ads will be blocked as expected. However, this is only after a few minutes.

Just in case this issue is specific to my system please feel free to ask me for any relevant system information.


I am running SRWare Iron version 37.0.2000.0 on Windows 7 x64.

I have found that with PrivDog enabled videos here do not load:

Hi Chiron!
thank you a lot for the detailed report! :-TU :-TU :-TU
I will check and add the ticket for our devs

Hi Chiron,

Thank you for your feedback.

You are right. Current implementation takes some time to get initialized. We’ll find how to improve and speed up the new version.


Eric, we had a version on Monday but we still had some issues on one QA machine. I’ve asked Razvan to contact you and he’ll solve all your issues.