PrivDog released

PrivDog is now released.

For existing users your browsers will be automatically updated.

The new setup program will be available at The setup is currently propagating to Cnet and may take up to 72 hours to appear.
Here’s the direct link to the setup:

The setup has gone through virus total and is verified clean from all malware and viruses:
Link: VirusTotal

New Increased threat coverage Common
New Increased plugin performance Chrome
New Ability to add sites to exception list using Enter button Chrome
New Official site suggestions Common
New Improved configuration checks Common
New Improved 3rd party cookies blocking Chrome

Fixed defect where: Text “This site is not in your exceptions” is shown before page refresh Chrome
Fixed defect where: Number of threats in popup is zero on any page Firefox
Fixed defect where: Chrome plugin doesn’t shows mail body for gmail Chrome
Fixed defect where: There is no possibility to login to using Facebook Firefox
Fixed defect where: Can’t navigate links in Chrome
Fixed defect where: Setup mode doesn’t apply for reinstallation Setup
Fixed defect where: can’t be opened in IE8 IE
Fixed defect where: Wrong mode after autoupdating for all browsers Setup
Fixed defect where: Localstorage isn’t cleaned before first install Firefox, Chrome
Fixed defect where: Plugin disabled after installation Firefox
Fixed defect where: Wrong mode set on preferences page Chrome
Fixed defect where: After clicking on link “click here” popup menu showing threat details Chrome

Chrome still claims the executable is malicious… Is that never going to get fixed or do they truly believe that PrivDog is malware?

great work guys!

Congrats with this release…

Thank you for the new release. :-TU

PrivDog still hasn’t updated for me… I wonder how long it will take? Using Google Chrome.

Anyone happens to have the .crx? I’m not going to download and install an application just to get the .crx file…

See attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

New) Official site suggestions - what is this? Please tell me in detail. 88)


we validate official sites and list them there for you.
if there are official sites we are missing pls tell us so that we can add them. thx

Thanks~ :-TU
i have 2 question.
where user can report? - ex) Comodo forum, Privdog internal funtion
and if there are the official site of certification by COMODO, how do privdog expression?

Thanks for this release.

Hello Guys,
You may want to post sites you want to see as officially verified site by PrivDog in following topic:


Thanks for the new release and for good new features :-TU

This release has brought back the bug where PrivDog forgets certain settings when Firefox or IceDragon is cleaned with CCleaner or another cleaning tool, at moment its only the ‘Ads’ setting thats affected, temporary fix is to exclude the cookie, then settings are retained, can this please be fixed again, thanks :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the release!

However, since 08/10/2014, after the PrivDog update, the reply box and function do not work
anymore in gmail. When I disable PrivDog, they work, so there is definately an issue.

I’m using Comodo browser in Windows 7 with several extensions, where only PrivDog should
be dealing with its type of matters (maybe Comodo web inspector too).

Hope you can get it fixed. Probably won’t use Privdog if it starts blocking gmail.

Best of luck!

prooba, thanks for report. We’ll check this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks dev’s :slight_smile:

Privdog didnt auto update in Opera for me (i choose, dev mode and then update extensions), had to download the attached file and add it to Opera, just wanted you dev’s to know!

Must have extension for Comodo Dragon and Opera!

Keep up the great work.

Thanks for this release and working very well :-TU

That comes in handy, if your using Opera like me, I can use the Latest Privdog :slight_smile:

However you do need Download Chrome Extension first.

Many thanks captainsticks for providing info