PrivDog + Comodo Dragon blocks GMail replies

When I open a mail, the reply/forward boxes at the bottom of the page are invisible. PrivDog reports 1 blocked 3rd party widgets from When I add it to exceptions, PD reports “1 widget, not blocked” but boxes are still invisible.

Tried to add following exceptions:

None worked. I disabled PD and now I can see and use the reply box.


This bug is supposed to be fixed with the latest version Can you confirm that it is fixed?

I tried but it’s not fixed in
I added * to exceptions. On gmail page PrivDog says “This site is in your exceptions - Not scanned” but reply box is still invisible. Removed PrivDog from Comodo Dragon and the box is back.


  • I expect Comodo dashboard to find new version as an update, but nope.
  • I checked It forwards to CNet which is still at (72h not passed yet, fair enough).
  • I found the release thread and downloaded the setup manually (which is hosted at!).
  • .21 installer thinks .19 is newer so refuses to install over it. Possibly compares to file version which is 2.0.something. I had to remove PD altogether and install from .21 setup.
  • Comodo Dragon also doesn’t show any updates - still at

I would not mention these if this was a beta version, but it looks sloppy for a release version. “Comodo” and “sloppy” just don’t fit together.


To be able to update in Dragon or Chrome you need to enable Developer Mode. Is that enabled?