PrivDog released

PrivDog is now released.

For existing users your browsers will automatically update on the browsers internal update schedule. You can manually update in both FF and Chrome if you choose from the browser’s ad on/settings panels.

The new setup program will be available at The setup is currently propagating to Cnet and may take up to 72 hours to appear.
Here’s the direct link to the setup:

The setup has gone through virus total and is verified clean from all malware and viruses:
Link: VirusTotal

New Increased IE performance IE
New Increased threat coverage Common
New Improved configuration checks Common
New IE 11, Win 8.1, Win 7 support IE
New “Select all sites” option, when removing websites from exceptions list IE

Fixed defect where: Data in popup menu doesn’t match the page Chrome, IE
Fixed defect where: Impossible to work with Google Calendar Firefox, Chrome
Fixed defect where: Message “PrivDog is ready for use – Enable or don’t enable” appears IE
Fixed defect where: Plugin doesn’t remove “Adtrustmedia” folder Setup
Fixed defect where: Settings set to default after CCleaner cleanup Firefox
Fixed defect where: Wrong logic in exception list wildcards Chrome
Fixed defect where: Plugin mode resets after cookie cleared IE
Fixed defect where: Exception list doesn’t work IE
Fixed defect where: Exception list resets after updating Chrome, Setup
Fixed defect where: Wrong style in popup for empty tab Chrome
Fixed defect where: Threats page corrupted for a few seconds after browser start Firefox
Fixed defect where: Data isn’t shown on threats page after browser reopen Chrome
Fixed defect where: Text at the bottom of popup doesn’t fit Ice Dragon
Fixed defect where: Extra gray stripe in popup for home page IE
Fixed defect where: Buttons not available in menu after autoupdate IE
Fixed defect where: Error message in IE x 64 (Vista) IE
Fixed defect where: Install mode doesn’t apply after separate browser install Setup
Fixed defect where: “Privdog is already installed” message when trying to install setup after updating plugin for IE Setup
Fixed defect where: PrivDog attempting to download files in IE11 IE
Fixed defect where: Twitter page corrupted IE
Fixed defect where: Whitespace appears in browser IE
Fixed defect where: IE11 (Win 8.1) crash ( IE
Fixed defect where: Wrong block settings after setup update Chrome
Fixed defect where: Data isn’t shown on threats page after IE plugin upgrade IE
Fixed defect where: FF plugin disabled after installation Setup
Fixed defect where: Threats settings reset IE
Fixed defect where: trustedadssvc.exe crash when running after manual closing IE
Fixed defect where: All sub configs are loaded after polling Firefox
Fixed defect where: Error messages after plugin upgrade IE
Fixed defect where: Popup button doesn’t work after autoupdate in Firefox 26 Firefox
Fixed defect where: Incorrect buttons positions in popup menu IE
Fixed defect where: Error message after deleting browser history IE
Fixed defect where: PrivDog icon not disappeared after plugin disabling Firefox
Fixed defect where: Two trustedadssvc.exe started after installation IE
Fixed defect where: Request to reboot shown after uninstall Setup
Fixed defect where: Dragon plugin isn’t updated after updating by setup Setup

Nice “Fixed” list, thanks for the update. :-TU

Hi All,

We’re temporarily pausing the update.

Hi All,

We’ll resume the update on Monday.

We paused the update due to a small issue with the IE plug-in that was detected during post release quality assurance. The issue does not effect Chrome and Firefox users.

If any users have problems with the .21 release then the fix is to uninstall and roll back until Monday.



Thanks for this information Shane. :slight_smile:

Does it block pop up ads yet?

Today PrivDog was updated from to in Firefox, but not in Chrome. :-\

Glad to see my reported bug is fixed now :-TU Time to turn PrivDog :slight_smile:

Thanks for all fixes Dev’s !

Really nice work :slight_smile:

in my dragon it is just updated, check again manually ?

Thanks, I did check manually, but it did not update in Chrome 33 on Ubuntu. However, it updated in Chrome 34 on Windows 7. :-\ I packaged the updated PrivDog and added it to Chrome on Ubuntu without any problems.

There’s another issue then :-\

Yes. Update works. If I add PrivDog from here, it will update to, but not to

[attachment deleted by admin]

I didn’t know you could do that :o pretty cool, then I can keep on using Comodo Dragon 30.0 which can’t update extensions, and then have Comodo Dragon 31.0 portable in which I update the extensions in and then package them and then add them to Comodo Dragon 30.0 to update the extensions. ;D

good solution :wink:

I see Privdog is back out, I just got it for Ice Dragon 26.2

Mind you the Download for Privdog seemed very slow, for it’s 20.5MB Size of Program
The version < it was that, now it’s gone back to this


Today it updates to in Chrome 33 on Ubuntu.

Goog to hear that :wink:

Hi All,

We detected a post release testing issue with IE. Update has been resumed yesterday.

If any IE users had any issues who got version .21, please let us know. The IE version for this update has been incremented to .22 whereas the other browsers are still .21. Our apologies for any inconvenience.



Feedback on Privdog for IE.

It works much better than the last versions I have tried and I’m happy to say everything runs fine for it using Internet Explorer 11 :slight_smile: