PrivDog released.

PrivDog is now released.

For existing users your browsers will automatically update on the browsers internal update schedule. You can manually update in both FF and Chrome if you choose from the browser’s ad on/settings panels.

The new setup program will be available at The setup is currently propagating to Cnet and may take up to 72 hours to appear.

Change log:

New Increased IE performance
New Increased threat coverage
New Added support for IE 11 except enhanced protected mode in Windows 8.1 environment (will be available from version 1.9)

Fixed defect where: Chrome plugin was not enabled Setup
Fixed defect where: Uninstall doesn’t work properly after updating Setup
Fixed defect where: Plugin doesn’t count allowed threats IE


Mod edit: Dragon V30 has issues updating extensions from the internal update mechanism, this will be corrected in the next Dragon release.
For anyone using Dragon V30, please run the PrivDog setup file to update the extension.
Thank you from Captainsticks.

Thanks for the update Shane. :-TU

I’m glad to be able to use PrivDog again. The troubles with Google Drive I was experiencing seem to have gone.


Thanks for the update devs, and please fix this issue for the other users

Privdog resets itself after CCleaner check-up


Thanks for the update :-TU

Still pretty much unusable in IE 11 in my opinion. My browsing comes to a crawl when privdog is enabled.

Hi yigido!
thank you for your waiting :-TU
this bug is fixed in v1.9.0.1. (next release) 8)

Could you please tell us … WHERE EXACTLY ?

We go here

Only to find a big orange FREE DOWNLOAD button …

Which links us to the horrible CNET site

Clicking the big green download button there redirects us to …;;language&cval=NONE;;en&

Where we get the message “THIS WEB PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE”

You may recall the recent problems I listed in this post

Now along comes a potential fix to those problems - AND WE CANNOT GET A LINK THAT WORKS.

Can somebody, once and for all, sort out the PrivDog site, so that we can download a successful installer from there, without being passed on to third parties with a reputation for sneaking their own piggy back installers into the download, or having your own browsers complaining that your own software is possibly malware.

I really like the idea of PrivDog, but you are not making this a pleasant user experience.

I notice this link still works

As posted in the opening post of version release

Would that be the same software, or the updated installer ??

It still gives me a warning in CD of being possibly malicious.

Edit : ^^ Tried it, waste of time - Same problem as before, the installer does not work.

Could you make an announcement when there is actually something to download that works ??


PS - On your download page

Installation Requirements PrivDog can install protection for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on Windows systems. [b]Support for Internet Explorer to be available soon[/b].

I think the site needs a little love aswell as the installer. The IE variety of the plugin has been available for a few versions now ( I believe anyway, one day I may be able to experience it installing again )

Is there a way to disable the pop ups to install PrivDog? I already use ABP and Abine’s DNT and PD does not get along with them.

Hi mahal,
Which program is asking (pop-up) for you to install PrivDog?


Good release except for IE11. I don’t think it even at usable stage on IE11. Most of the time your browser will end up hanging. announced on 18 Dec, its now the 23rd …

And still experiencing the same problems.

Cannot download it from CNET site

And the hidden download at Privdog site still will not install, its just a stuck process in Task Manager which is not doing anything … And that particular download still being recognised as malware.

I have also gone to the extreme of completely un-installing Comodo Dragon, in case the previous manual un-install of the non-updating Privdog, and / or the setting of the registry key to prevent Comodo Message Service - Were collaboratively working against me installing any newer version.

I am currently enduring Google Chrome to see if it would install just on that ( also with Internet Explorer 11 un-installed ) … No joy.

I think I will just have to wait for the next Comodo Dragon release, and hope when I install that again there are no registry keys set which prevent it from installing the Privdog plugin that will come with it.

I have pre-empted that situation hopefully by using CCleaner to eradicate any registry keys which are not extant in accordance with currently installed software.

I have downloaded it successfully today and yesterday.

WHen you uninstalled Dragon did you remove the profile information under users%username%\lAppData\ocal and users%username%\AppData\roaming? That’s the royal way to remove profile information.

What happens when you use another browser?

It would be better if Comodo published .xpi- and .crx-files instead of the installer.

Assuming everybody is using the CNET download, I am still getting the same long URL redirect which gives a page load error as stated previously when clicking their big green download button.

WHen you uninstalled Dragon did you remove the profile information under users\%username%\lAppData\ocal and users\%username%\AppData\roaming? That's the royal way to remove profile information.

Affirmative, its a step I have not mentioned but I do check there for hidden residue after un-installs.

What happens when you use another browser?

As stated previously and in a few posts I have been linking back to over the last few months … I have now gone from various versions of CD with and without Internet Explorer installed, I have attempted downloading it with Internet Explorer 11 before I un-installed that, and also now with Google chrome, Dragon un-installed.

Malware for redirects ? - The only possible source of that would be the file I keep getting warned about, Privdog from the hidden location on Privdog site.
Machine has been thoroughly checked in safe mode with MalwareBytes, Microsoft Security Essentials and MRT full scan ( as opposed to the quick scan which microsoft lets it do periodically ).

And my hosts file is the most recent → From here ( 6th Dec I think was the date of the last update to that lists ).

Do I understand correctly that the same thing happens when using IE browser? If so then we are looking for a common denominator which could be your hosts file.

Why do you want to improve the IE support ? it is waste of time I think because very few people use this browser :stuck_out_tongue: You can save the time from the IE in order to improve Chromium, Firefox, Opera etc. supports !ot!



If so then we are looking for a common denominator which could be your hosts file.

CNET download links being blocked by the people who collate the MVPS Hosts file ?

That would mean that the MVPS Hosts people will have had a report of malware being hosted by CNET and once again make the idea of having CNET as a host for Privdog a bad idea … Yes ? :slight_smile:

… But I doubt that is the case.

MVPS Hosts file lines all start with ( local machine )

And all bad URLs are redirected to local machine

Where there is a bad URL link on any particular web page, you just see a hole where the malvertisement ( or whatever it was ) should have been.

At, CNET, the Big Green button to Download Privdog at this page …

Is showing. If I hover my mouse above the download button, using Google Chrome ( same as Dragon ) at the bottom of the browser window you get a preview of the URL you will go to if you actually click the button, which is the same as when I do click the button …;1&ctype=dm;language&cval=NONE;en&

This web page is not available ( see screenshot )

Edit : I am also currently on holiday at relatives house, so the internet setup is different, but I was experiencing the same problem at my home address when I posted here a few days ago.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I clicked on the redirect link in Opera browser (I use Fanboy adblock list and Ghostery) and it works.

Could you on ocasion please temporarily uninstall the Host list you’re using? I want to see if this plays a role or not. Then close down your browsers and flush the local DNS cache from Windows by executing the following from the command prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns

Then restart your browsers and try again.

Eric : Colour me surprised - That worked

On clicking the CNET Download ( and hovering ) I still get the same long URL as described before … But from that URL redirect it comes back then to another CNET Download page for Privdog …

… which is obviously being blocked along the way by MVPS Hosts

Unfortunately that means I trust CNET even less than I did before I had this knowledge

I have trusted MVPS Hosts file for approx 14 years and their judgement as to which sites get included in their hosts file

And now we also get Google Chrome reporting the download as potentially malicious from CNET aswell as the hidden download from Privdog site

I have the file ( see screenshot ) but do not trust it to install, if both google chrome and mvps hosts are giving me clear indication both the source and the file are suspicious.

[attachment deleted by admin]