PrivDog Released

PrivDog is now released.

For existing users your browsers will automatically update on the browsers internal update schedule. You can manually update in both FF and Chrome if you choose from the browser’s ad on/settings panels.

The new setup program will be available at The setup is currently propagating to Cnet and may take up to 72 hours to appear.

New Increased threat coverage.
New Wildcards for exceptions Chrome
New enable/disable subdomains in exсeption list Chrome
New Improved performace for ad delivery.
New Updated “Do not track" text lable for clarity.
Fixed defect where: Site is not removed from the list of exceptions after uninstall Firefox
Fixed defect where: IceDragon and FF shows data from last site in the pop-up menu a few seconds Firefox
Fixed defect where: The plugin does not allow to add a site to the list of exceptions usign capital letters Firefox Chrome/Firefox
Fixed defect where: The plugin does not allow to add a site if there is a space before or after the name Firefox
Fixed defect where: The counter shows “0” for home page Chrome
Fixed defect where: The pop-up shows wrong data for home page Firefox
Fixed defect where: The plugin does not block subdomains if domain is present on config file Chrome
Fixed defect where: ‘Do not track’ option is not selected by default Firefox
Fixed defect where: Site can be added many times to exceptions list if use capital letters Firefox
Fixed defect where: ‘This site is in your exceptions.’ in pop-up is shown for all websites Firefox
Fixed defect where: Wrong count in pop-up after allowing all categories Firefox
Fixed defect where: Firefox saves the options by default after reopening Firefox

thanks :slight_smile:
lots of bugs look fixed in this ver.

what is replacing ads mean on or ??

It’s been classified under "New Increased threat coverage. "

thanks for answer :slight_smile: keep up the good work on Privdog our privacy dog :love:

All fixes are for FF & C, PrivDog compatibility is better with CD & I am running CD :slight_smile:

excellent job guys!

Protection of Privacy is a new capability that we are learning. Until recently Privacy was only under threat by the people who were looking thru your window or keyhole…Now thanks to internet, your privacy has become not only very valuable but easily abused. Privacy Dog (PrivDog) puts a stop to this privacy invasion!

Any plans on ever adding support for opera?

I realized that :wink:

Now where is that unleash button? :wink:

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It is almost two hours on October 14 in my time zone… 8) :wink:

here is 3 hour on 14 October :smiley:

Regards from Turkey :slight_smile:

will comodo make this addon for other browsers like IE, firefox, opera?? Hope comodo will support other users who doesn’t use comodo browsers… :frowning:


I didn’t realize… Privdog already supports other browsers… :stuck_out_tongue: It is already in beta stage for IE…

My Dog has just been updated… ;D

Release is taken off from hold. We apologize for inconvenience.

Thank you for the update. :-TU

how can i install this on Google chrome i dont see i t at

You can install it using the installer. You can get the latest version of PD from PrivDog Released.

thk you :slight_smile: