I somehow got this version on Google Chrome but couldn’t get it on Comodo Dragon? Is this a bug?

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I just checked dragon and it upgraded to 1.5 just now. Im sure they will make a release topic for 1.5 monday.

I have Privdog on Google Chrome which updated to 1.5, but none of the other browsers did. Also I don’t know why my topic was moved to Comodo Dragon help when the question is PrivDog on Google Chrome not Comodo Dragon??

Weird, well lets wait to see the official release topic.

Sorry that was my mistake i will move it to the privdog help section.

No problem, also I think that the Privdog 1.5 might be obtained by installing the .crx file into your Chrome browser and then updating the extension, rather then getting the addon installed by the PrivDog installer. But I’m not sure since my Firefox browser hasn’t updated yet.

Hi All,

The post will go up tomorrow with a newer version too,, watch this space :slight_smile: