PrivDog Released.

PrivDog is now available.

The setup can be downloaded from

Chrome and Firefox will automatically update to the latest version.

Change Log:

Added Multiple configuration support.
Added Improved Exclusion list regular expression checking.
Added numerous efficiency improvements
Fixed: Bug where ProductVersion is wrong in RegEdit
Fixed Bug where FF does not UnInstall the plugin after autoupdate
Fixed Bug where the plugin does not work if we start IceDragone in first time
Fixed Bug where the text is wrong in the options panel
Fixed Bug where the text is wrong in pop-up menu
Fixed Bug where the extension is not UnInstalled from the Chrome and Dragon
Fixed Bug where the plugin is disabled after autoupdate
Fixed Bug where “Ad Networks: N sanitized” is shown if change mode to block from prefs page


keep protecting our Privacy PrivDog!!! Thank you!

We have kids to protect…its scary world allowing our kids to use internet without Privacy Protection!

One thing we can promise, we will try to protect you from every possible Privacy Threat out there for FREE!!!

Shane is on it!


thank you Melih and Shane… we are trusting you about privacy protect :-TU

Before that there was a version of ???
Now Version

PrivDog is now available.

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Before that there was a version of Huh Now Version

That was a temp typo on the CNET page, it listed the internal installer version number rather than the actual product number.

The current product number has gone from to, don’t worry you haven’t been downgraded.


I saw it.
Thank you.

:slight_smile: This is coming along very nicely

Noticing the speed of browsing is going up too, page loads with many parts which have to be brought together from a variety of sources are getting better.

Typically popular News papers online which have an assortment of threats totalling between 10 to 20 are a lot faster with this version.

Just curious : Have any newspaper organisations registered with PrivDog ?

In the UK the Popular ones would be ( not in any particular order ) ;

The Daily Mail
The Sun
The Mirror
The Guardian
The Telegraph
The Times

And popular magazines which are typically rife with ads too, and unashamedly pornographic in some cases.

Just an idea,
Can’t comodo get PrivDog Certified, code signed or something so Privdog won’t get flagged by any AV company. It would prevent issues like this one below


Does that mean that on Chrome and Firefox it will always update its self to the latest available version?

Yes it does. Chrome and Firefox both do automatic updates for all plug-ins.