PrivDog Released

PrivDog is now available for download from

It’s recommended that Chrome users (or users who installed the standalone setup for Dragon) should run the installer to get the update. Future updates will be automatic. Comodo Dragon and Firefox based browsers should automatically update.

Changes in this version:
New Update pop out panel descriptions.
New Visual improvements for overlays.
New Improved detection system with regular expression support.
Fixed bug where setup sometimes hangs.
Fixed bug related to configuration not updating.
Fixed bug where wrong counts are shown in pop-out switching sites.
Fixed bug “PrivDog has been already installed" is shown if try to install for browser, that does not have a plug-in
Fixed bug where selected browser is not saved in the list after pressing the back button
Fixed bug in Firefox where Not Scanned is shown.


Thanks for the update.
Yes Dragon and IceDragon have automatically updated. :-TU

i have used ad block plus and after that i used privdog.
but i can see that ad block plus can stop many adds and many things that privdog can not do.
i know there is an option in privdog to block all kind of adds but that option does not block all type of adds.

Updated automatically in Dragon 28.

When Privdog will be released for IE? It will be an add-on for IE or installer? I hope it will also be available as add-on for IE.

Hi naren,

IE version is on it’s way in the next few weeks.

We’ll setup a beta corner and release a preview before the final release.


Chrome users are recommended to download the installer and update, is this still the case if PrivDog automatically updated to

great work guys!

with PrivDog we will rewrite the Privacy rules that many companies out there erasing for their benefit!

We will bring privacy back by empowering our users!



Chrome users are recommended to download the installer and update, is this still the case if PrivDog automatically updated to

There are some cases where the update causes the plug-in to become disabled so we are recommending running the setup.


[at] 17:03 UK time, getting 403 Forbidden error on the main PrivDog site

Also I mentioned something else ( probably in the wrong topic ) here …

Reference when PrivDog was launched, you could directly download it from its own site …

But it was being falsely labelled by chrome as potential malware …

So you moved the download to link to a new location on CNET

People are really not liking the fact that it is being hosted on CNET due to recent news that CNET was using wrappers ( and the general bad site navigation tricks to get you to download something else )

Here is one such post …

The only negative - so far - and this is a nit, is that it must be downloaded via CNet.

No download manager was involved; the download was direct. The download was clean, with nothing bundled with it.

The CNet page that displayed was a sneaky (IMO) attempt to con the user into clicking one or more tempting download buttons, ostensibly for the PrivDog download, only to get some other unwanted software instead.

Fortunately I took my time looking for the [nonexistent] PrivDog button on the CNet page, until I was presented with a pop up window from FF asking where I wanted to save the PrivDog download.

And the problem as reported before here …

Obviously nobody can download it at the moment due to the 403 error on its own site …

403 Forbidden error seems to be fixed now @ 18:16 UK time

CIS can also be downloaded through CNET and it does not have the wrapper. I suspect there is a similar arrangement with PrivDog, although I have not tried to download it from there.

correct…our downloads have no wrapper from cnet

Thanks for the verification, Melih. :slight_smile:

Yes I understand that the plugin does not at the moment have a wrapper ( and possibly Comodo are being given privileged treatment whereby a rule has been set on the site not to include PrivDog in any shenanigans )

The quote I included also states that “The download was clean, with nothing bundled with it.”

But your ‘potential’ user base are typically already aware of a lot of the tricks websites with free software get up to, and understand that if its free, the user is the product ( by one method or another )

The recent news about CNET does not help matters, but even without that the site is known to be up to no good at every opportunity for quite a long time.

Even PrivDog does not like the site …

PrivDog blocks Malvertisements, right ?

10 THREATS found. :-\

I do not know what the average experience of any user is on that site, but I can imagine it is probably a confusing mess of redirects designed to ■■■■■■ users into downloading more than they bargain for …
… Especially if they allow java script and all the rest by default.

The point is, I do not doubt that PrivDog is clean, my concern is the site it is being hosted on is doing PrivDog no favours in getting it off the ground in the eyes of the people who would in all likelyhood sing its praises far and wide … Which at this early stage of its launch would be beneficial.
I believe CNET is tarnishing PrivDogs image so to speak.

I guess having it hosted on CNET is increasing its user base, and so long as they stick to their word ( if an agreement with CNET and Comodo has been struck in the finer details of what CNET cannot do to PrivDog ) …

I just wish you could solve the original false positive problem and still have it hosted on its own dedicated site …
Or - Maybe the big download button on PrivDog site offers a choice of download location instead ?

Its up to yourselves of course. I’m just trying to provide a tinfoil hat opinion of PrivDogs impression, because I think the idea of PrivDog is worth spreading. And I know anyone with an interest in this is going to scrutinize every aspect.

I have no problems with CNET and never have. I have seen more than 10 so-called “threats” reported by PrivDog on many other sites. I remember one having 17 and it was a clean site. I think PrivDog needs to stop calling things threats when they really aren’t. The term threat should be reserved for things that are actual security risks and not used for things like trackers and such.

dev guys are looking into the wording. thanks for the heads up.

Just needs the word privacy added IMO.

“Privacy Threats”

yes, that sounds good and right…