Privalert and Ghostery -- How does it work?

Well, I’ve always found myself curious. I tried privalert on srware iron and installed it alongside ghostery and i’ve found the two rather strange. If both extensions do what they claim to do, shouldn’t one of them miss when the other blocks a tracker? I mean, if for example ghostery blocks adsense before privalert, then privalert need not block this anymore and thus, show no notification for adsense (or vice versa). But then, both of them still show that they’re blocking the same element which I find rather strange, don’t you? Or am I missing something here?

there are like 2-3 threads abour Privalert and ghostery.
Did you ever consider to use “SEARCH” before posting !

I would have preferred to have this discussion in pm, but since you’ve chosen to post it instead, am I to assume you rarely use the feature? In any case, please pm any other comments otherwise unrelated to the topic. I would gladly accommodate you.

Oh yes, I have always done so, and did. If you wish, I’d enumerate them and how I judged what their topic is about, then contrast it to this thread and thus explain why I created a new one.

Topic specifically deals with privalert and nothing specific. Just a general overview.

This one asks if privalert has any other functionality otherwise not obvious or mentioned yet.

Specific. Self-explanatory, I suppose.

Again specific, but nothing to do directly with Ghostery.

So why this thread? Because I’m being very specific in what aspects is privalert different from Ghostery and whether or not they share any common feature. This thread also specifically asks a detailing of how both works and in relation to this, why they block the same content. In other words, I am (like the last two threads mentioned above) trying to be more specific and figure out how these two work (specifically) together.