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I am with HeffeD that this is social engineering hacking type of attempt. I have never heard that Microsoft would be calling.

I just did a little read on PrivacyFix and from what I understand it addresses the browser. Only with XP Windows Update uses the browser (on Windows Vista and later it uses their own engine) but PrivacyFix was only used on Dragon so I don’t see it being able to interfere with Windows Update. That’s why I think that uninstalling the extension on Dragon is a red herring here.

However the combination of youw Windows temporarily not activated and the issue with the RPC service has me worried though. In your case I would scan my computer to be sure there is nothing unsolicited running.

PrivacyFix - for ordinary users of the extension can be useful in the plan of training. In fact it is recommended settings for social networks. You indicate which party cookies installed in your browser. And you can help clean them.No more.
Do Not Track ? - command is ignored
Database for sites that somehow work with your data ? - removal request will be ignored
Toolbar will also track you and send information off somewhere…
The only benefit of this extension is to raise the literacy of the people in question privacy settings on social networks.
“We focus on the most sensitive parameters, but in the end, the decision to select the settings that are right for you is yours.”

PrivacyFix was only used on Dragon

:-La eg, Privacy manager - is more useful

Thanks for all your information HeffeD, EricJH and !H and of course Chiron.

All the Problem that happened to me was about 4 weeks ago, and nothing since. I also hope no more issues.

But what I forgot to say,The Call I got was on the same phone line as my Computer Connection to the Internet, and this caller new my phone number.

I do have a DSL Connection and I can use my phone the same time as using the Internet.

So I have taken knowledge from all of you to look into my system deeper.

I have installed TuneUp Utilities 2013 and that found lots of junk etc and Maybe that may have cleaned out some of the Problems ?

So I’m just going to keep an eye on this and see how things go.

Thanks again


It’s not difficult to get phone numbers. Even if the number is not listed in a public directory.

What about writing down all our passwords (I dont do that) in a piece of paper or somewhere unsecured?
Usually, a browser or a special software installed in a PC will do a “good job”. But we are not always on the go with our PC.

A password keeper for our mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc) would be perfect to protect our privacy.

I could go into a rant about Facebook tracking efforts , but I will not. ;D

Request Policy is the best Mozilla extension ever bar Adblock Plus.

Blocks all tracking from within websites.

Has a learning curve but ■■■■ powerful.

No because Ghostery blocks it. With Facebook you choose with Google you don't.

on the forum alone look what’s looking ? ;D

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