Privacy tools

Hi Guys

I want to know which privacy tools you are using or like.
what is missing from them, what do you really want to protect? What are the privacy problems?



How about this Melih do you have something like that see link

Comodo Dragon with max privacy settings. Ghostery. And sometimes CyberGhost VPN. Why? Because I fed up with Google and others selling my private info and making money out of it. On top of that I don’t use Google search anymore. I use other Russian search. I’m aware that Google is not the only one who is doing it. What to protect? What I search, IP address and any other leaking info. Making it much more easy to use maybe all built into browser? I don’t know. Instead of going all the way to using CyberGhost VPN for this.

Maybe making Comodo search? Just like Google search? Only better privacy wise. I hope we can trust you on that one.

so you guys are ok with likes of Facebook tracking your movement over the web?

No because Ghostery blocks it. With Facebook you choose with Google you don’t.

For stuff like CyberGhost VPN. <–comodo already offers this

I like the addon or plugin for firefox called “firegloves”
What it does - impede fingerprinting- based tracking tracking while maintaining browser experience.

Then it’s keyscrambler

Now I got to go back to work :frowning:

Yeah but it’s only for WIFI? And it’s not free. I use Comodo Dragon they don’t have this add-ons. :frowning:

So many possibilities.

Most immediately I need a password manager that can import Ivault passwords.

Yes I’m still using the late, and much missed Ivault…

Best wishes


Okay, I’m just going to describe what I believe the perfect privacy application/applications must be able to do. I’m thinking that most of this could be incorporated into a browser.

  • One of the most important is that they must be able to hide your IP address, preferably through a free VPN service with fast connection speeds.

  • It may also be useful to allow users to incorporate custom made block lists into the firewall, similar to what Peerblock does.

  • It may also be useful to develop a free privacy oriented email service. This should hide the person’s IP address and provide no personally identifiable information. Note that to curb abuse I would advise that attachments not be allowed and the total amount of emails which can be sent per day be limited to something like 5.

  • Also, upon startup of whatever program is created it would be very nice if it would identify if flash is installed and, if it is, provide you with the option of configuring it for greater privacy. By this I mean it should allow you to select the option to block all sites from storing information.

  • The browser should have a browser with an anonymous search engine enabled by default (such as StartPage).

  • The browser should also have an addon such as this installed by default, which will help you to adjust many online services users may be using to be more private.

  • Of course the browser should also be configured from the start to not accept third-party cookies at all. However, each page should give the user the ability to allow third-party cookies to operate on this page, so that they can easily get sites to work which would have otherwise had problems.

  • Also, something akin to Ghostery or DoNotTrack+ should be incorporated into the browser. This sort of addon should block tracking bugs, Facebook tracking, etc… Essentially, it should block third party tracking in general. Thus it may also be useful to incorporate an ad-blocker or, perhaps even better, incorporate an option to block all third-party communication unless the user allows it.

  • The browser should also be configured from scratch to force sites to use HTTPS if offered. This would be similar to HTTPS Everywhere.

  • It should also be able to offer very robust cookie management, which is currently not possible with Chromium browsers. Essentially, it should be able to block all cookies from being set and ask you whether you would like to accept cookies from the site or not. This would be similar to the Cookie Monster addon for Firefox.

  • Also, in order to remove all LSO’s upon closing the browser, or likely also provide the option to only do it manually, from the computer, it may be useful to incorporate something similar to BetterPrivacy, which is an addon for Firefox, into the browser.

  • Also, in order to defeat browser fingerprinting it may be useful to incorporate something akin to Secret Agent, which is an addon for Firefox. Essentially, the browser should be able to pass all tests on pages such as this without revealing any personally identifiable information.

Please let me know what you think.


Agree make it work with Comodo Dragon plz.

^ Brilliant ideas! Agree 100% :slight_smile: :-TU

PeerBlock is nearly dead. Why not take it over? Or develop something like that?

Peerblock has a lot of fans and it can compliment Comodo DNS


HSTS is the way to go. It is now standardised as RFC 6797. :slight_smile:

I’m not really that much concerned about my identity. I do have records everywhere from the government down to the institutions I belong to like schools, hospitals, mobile subscriptions, and agencies. Tracking down a person’s identity isn’t really too difficult not even now when people are getting paranoid all over the place. I have no reason to be paranoid much over these records since I can’t really do anything about it unless they (these institutions) recognize the need for further security.

What I am concerned about however is not so much about my identity getting found out (it’s not like I’m a criminal) but people building my “reputation” in the web. So it’s more on the searches I make and messages I send. Which is why I use services which allow my messages and files to self-destruct after a period of time (I don’t think it’s allowed by the forum policies to post links to such services since they can be abused and used for malicious purposes). As for searches, if it’s something I don’t want people to find out, I sign up for a temporary account (guerilla mail), register that to the services if necessary (like google), a vpn service (Security KISS/Cyberghost) and let those services build a reputation for my ghost, a dedicated browser (I use QTWeb, TORBrowser or a custom SRWare Iron profile for this, whichever is faster for that site).

For everything else, I’m not as paranoid (malware, of course, is a different thing so KeyScramblers and services of the like that confuse and/or prevent spyware is off-topic while services like adblock can be thought of, in this regard, as a form of hardening against malware, not really much on privacy). Waste of resources if you ask me.

Chiron, I had this > the browser should have a browser with an anonymous search engine enabled by default (such as Start Page). But I found a few problems with it and I moved to DuckDuckGo. With DuckDuckGo it says it’s a secure search engine as well.

When I had Start page I did installed PrivacyFix with it as an Extension. So all was good and working OK for 5 days, then I got 1 call from Microsoft UK saying stop blocking access to your system. So I said I’m not. Then they said wait a moment, then said we are scanning your system, and it shows you are blocking us with a program you installed. Then they asked me, so I just ignored them and put the phone down. And I carried on without UN installing anything.

So the next day I got a phone call and I answered it. And the voice said Hello this is Microsoft again, so I said prove it. Then they said OK. Then a supervisor came on and spoke to me, and then he said there is a program you installed on your system, and it is blocking your access to Microsoft Services and Updates. So he asked me what I installed that is blocking access. So I said I’m not telling you. So he said OK. Here are 2 choices for you. Eva you tell me, or not, but if you did not tell me your computer will start to lock-up in a couple of days. So I said OK fine. I won’t tell you, and I will just see what happens, then he hung up.

So 4 days later I turned on my PC. And I put in my password and went online. So I looked at Windows update to see any updates, then a pop message came up said your Activation Licence has expired and you cannot access Windows update. So I just ignored it and started to look at Comodo Forum.

Within minutes of looking at the Forum a pop came up saying Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and under that a countdown start counting from 2 mins 50. So I said mmm, what is going on, by the time I thought of what it could be my Computer shutdown. So I restarted it and logged on and the same countdown timer showed up. So I said I know what it is. So I quickly opened up Comodo Dragon and looked at PrivacyFix then right click it and clicked Remove from Dragon then my Computer shutdown. So I restarted it and once again and yet again the timer showed up counting down. So I Opened up Dragon and looked at Search engine and removed Start page, then closed up Dragon and rebooted the PC myself even though it was still counting down. But this time as I started the PC it seems to take longer before it showed it showed password screen. So I logged on and waited, and waited and no countdown timer showed. So I went over to Windows Update and it worked just fine, and no message like before.

So I thought that was strange. So I looked on your Blog Site Chiron and seen about DuckDuckGo and I fixed it as my default search Engine and I’ve no problems since. So I’m not going back to Start page with PrivacyFix again.

Sorry it’s a long message, but I just thought I’d share my thoughts.

Kind Regards


That doesn’t make any sense. None of these programs should cause any problems with Microsoft.

Microsoft does not need access to your computer in order for it to keep working. In fact, unless I’m wrong, the only time you even need internet access is for you to activate Windows online. Therefore, as long as Windows was already activated, I have no idea what you experienced.

Does anyone have any ideas?

My Windows 7 Machine says: Windows is Activated

I’m as puzzled as you Chiron. But what I remember when using Privacy fix, is I set everything and my system had a green status saying secure system. So I don’t know what was happening.

But since I removed Privacy fix with Start page everything runs fine, with no issues. I have even ran all sort of scans on my system to see any Malware etc and all is fine.

So I’m really puzzled, and that is why I shared on what I witnessed.

Hope that info helps



Hacking/social engineering attempt?

After your OS has been activated, no communications with Microsoft are necessary. Not to mention that they definitely will not be calling you about it…