Privacy, Dragon, fingerprinting and fonts: how to block font list exportation?

Is there any way to persuade Comodo Dragon not to leak the list of fonts installed on the computer?

Alternatively, is there any way to limit what fonts Dragon detects?

As best I can tell, the list of installed fonts usually is unique to each computer and is a major component of a browser’s fingerprint, making it easy for 3rd parties to track people’s browsing habits.

Combined with other details, an empty list of typefaces would be unique enough to track you.

Better then to add or remove a typeface or two now and then.

I found that running Dragon in incognito mode seems to hide all the fonts. By itself, not showing fonts seems to be fairly common (~3%). Unfortunately, the remaining Dragon specifics, the plugin list in particular and especially the PDF viewer, still produce an unusual fingerprint (2/400K). Apparently very few people use Dragon in incognito mode for browsing the Web. :frowning:

Could you explain what you mean by the above ???.


How many users have an empty list? One in a million? One in a billion? It makes you more unique than the default list for your OS.

If you change the list (by adding/removing typefaces now and then), it is harder tot track you over time.

Your WAG is incorrect.

3% of those tested by do not report any fonts. That is quite a large number and far from unique.

Unfortunately, very few people use CD and far fewer use it in incognito mode, which is enough to make its users relatively easy to track. For example, I seem to have been the only person who tested its fingerprint on either or

And how many ‰ of all users might that be? Not many. Very few people visit that kind of sites.

Wouldn’t having an empty list (using default typefaces) make you blend in rather than stand out? (by adding/removing typefaces). I don’t really understand what typefaces are but I’m imaging something like fonts. If this is the case, on Ubuntu, I use the fonts that came with the installation. I didn’t realise web browsers had there own. If every Ubuntu user did this, wouldn’t this be better?


The default typefaces is a long list, not an empty one. Applications (not least office suites) also install typefaces, so what is the most common default list?

A typeface is a family of related fonts (regular, bold, italic etc).

Different editions of Ubuntu have different lists, and so do different language editions.

On Panopticlick I see only few of all my typefaces. Not sure why that is.