Prioritize whitelisting by statistical analysis of file occurrence in cloud look

This method is totally obsolete.

When somebody execute an app and is automatically sandboxed (unknown for Comodo Cloud), this should be reported to Comodo labs, and the file should be uploaded.

Comodo Labs should have an statistic with the most sandboxed apps, so they should start analyzing and adding to the whitelist the most sandboxed apps. Or identify them as malware.

Doing this the quality and not only the quantity of the whitelist will improve.
Ask to the users to report every single app is an obsolete method to improve drastically the whitelist.

For the games

Xfire ( or any similar company to get their list of games (MD5 or whatever you use) so you can easily identify as safe almost all the comercial games in the market including updates.

If the whitelisting system is optimize and fast enough when a user execute a file new for Comodo so it’s automatically ran inside the sandbox, the app should be analyzed and classified in less than 1, 2 or 3 days.

Games found on services like Steam or Xfire and others don’t have the same binaries. So only digital signatures are useful, if there are any. WIth games, there usually aren’t any.

I think that Xfire is not like Steam, you dont donwload the games from their server.
Also I have play online in steam installing a game from the DVD and them adding it to Steam, so must be the same I guess.

The only problem is that maybe less than the 1% of the Comodo users post applications in this thread.

Using the method that I explained the whitelist is prioritize in an intelligent way for the benefit of a bigger number of users.


I agree. This is the way it should be done. Of course still have the other topic so people can quickly get programs fixed that are important to them, but this would help the most users and increase usability.


It should not be too hard to make an inventory of how often files get looked up and use that to prioritise.

I took the liberty of changing the topic title to Prioritize whitelisting by statistical analysis of file occurrence in cloud look up .

+1 :-TU


How about adding a poll and moving this to the wish list? :-TU
I think it belongs there now.

Hi lordraiden,

This is also being done while at the same time we are considering users request via