Printing Problem

Hi, im new to this forum and infact the comodo software and I would like to seek for some advice.

I have a Dell 968 all in one wireless printer that I connect to over my LAN. After installing the free security software, I am able to print fine, but am recieving an annoying error message. I have attached a screenshot of this error alongside this topic.

Could anyone assist me on how to fix this (if possible) as I am really impressed with the softwares overal preformance.

Thanks in advance,

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Open CIS>Defense+>Advanced>Find your printer

Double click - set the application to predifined policy - Trusted Application


Change Defense+ to Training Mode (Right click CIS tray icon>Defense+ Security Level>Training Mode

Give a print command

After printing is over - change to either clean PC mode or Safe Mode

(The second option is easier as CIS will give automatic rules as required)

Thankyou so much for the reply, but my problem has not yet been solved sucessfully. The secont option had no effect on this error message and I was un able to follow the first option.

Could you explain the first a bit more fully. Sorry

Open CIS>Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy

It will be showing a list of applications that has been given access to your computer

Find the corresponding file name of your printer

For e.g. if it is HP printer it could have some file names like c:\windows\system32\spool____\HPZTxxx.exe
(The file name and root is just an example and may vary in your computer)

Double click on the .exe file of your printer name

It will open a window showing

  • Predefined Policy
  • Custom Policy
    (It may have showing in custom policy)

Select ‘predifined policy’ - Trusted Application

Click Apply

If the printer uses more than one .exe change them to ‘trusted application’

This will give the application all the rights it required in your computer.

Hope it helps

Seeing your screen shot it seems that these files are in temporary folder, which are normally created by appliations temporarily. Do you use Ccleaner??? If yes, can you run it once to clear the ‘junks’ in your computer and then try again.

AFAIK deleting temporary files using ‘safe’ programs like Ccleaner will not cause any problem. However,I also request you to wait for sometime to see if any one else with better knowledge can confirm regarding this.

Hmmm, None of the solutions worked. It could just be that my printer is incompatable. I have decided that I will go for a paid program like McAfee as I have tried the free trial and this worked really well.

But to save money, I will be using comodo on my other XP machienes, as these show no problem.

Thanks anyway,