Printing over EASYVPN and network

Dear all,

here’s a thing; I have LAN in office which is connected with warehouse where we have a printer.
Server in workgroup (in office) is connected over EASYVPN to printer in warehouse. I want all other computers in office to be able to print on printer in warehouse but over the server. So I tried to share printer on server and connect to it with client from network. It connects but when I try to print it gives me an error - printing message (on server, client acts as everything is OK).

Printing from server works great, but as soon as I try to print from any other computer from network it gives me that error (it says that guest is owner of that document). I have tried to give more persmissions to users, to check all printer options…there is no firewall, proxy or other stuff which can block traffic…

So, printer is Samsung ML1640 and all computers are WIN XP SP3.
any help will be great!
thanks in advance…