Price of CIS

I posted this question on the TrustConnect forum but still no reply from anyone so I’m posting here as well (sorry for double posting).

Can someone make a comment on the price of this product?

TrustConnect is being offered at $49/year. Yet, CIS which apparently includes TrustConnect is being offered for $49 per year! The question is why pay for TrustConnect alone when for the same price one can get Comodo Internet Security (the paid version).


If someone has an existing subscription or brand loyalty towards another vendors security product, they could still use their preferred software along with TrustConnect.

Thank you for your comment HeffeD.

I understand your point as someone does not want to switch out of for example Norton to CIS. So the question becomes what one is actually paying for?

Based on what you say, the paid version of CIS costs $49/year because of TrustConnect only since that feature on its own costs the same as the whole paid version of CIS.

It’s like saying the MS Office suite is $400 but if you want only Word you still pay $400. I guess what I’m getting at is price of TrustConnect by itself should be cheaper than the price of CIS which inherently provides a lot more.

Thanks again.

Comodo CIS will cost you nothing, but Comodo would like you to use it so as to increase the user base and draw attention to other Comodo services.

As an incentive, for a bargain subscription you also get Trustconnect and a guarantee that if anything gets past your configured version of CIS they will remove it from your computer remotely.

As a package deal it is fantastic value for money.

TrustConnect? What is it for? 88) Is it like a simple “big” proxy with encryption? Will it be awesome if I will use TrustConnect+Tor+PhProxy, for example?

CIS is free. What you are paying for with the paid subscription is TrustConnect and 24/7 live tech support. Other than those two things, the Pro and Free versions of CIS are identical.