Prevx and CBOCLean

I am just trialling PrevX on a pc (XP - non Vista) and noticed that after the installation of this new software, neither PrevX nor CBOClean appear in my Gui though they are both running.

I had my CBOClean icon in the taskbar before and I like it that way ;D, so that I can see with one glance that it’s there and active. Apart from the installation of PrevX I have not changed anything. Does anybode else have the same issue?

Let me check my secondary snapshot.

Nah, no problem here.

mozart , I don’t know if you know ctrlaltdelete, but he is more or less an expert on both BOClean and Prevx. He is a long time user of BOClean and wrote the Dutch user guide. He also makes the Dutch translation of Prevx, is a reseller and gives support on it. Why not pm him with your problem, and see if he can help you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hi Mozart,

Prevx and BOClean are running fine together on all systems i’ve installed them on.

Missing icons in the systemtray could be related to graphic cards (mostly ATI cards), try to log off and on again in Windows and sometimes the icons will show again.

In taskmanager (processes) you should see;


as running processes for those 2 programs.

Check if there is a newer driver available for your videocard, uninstall the old one and uninstall related software for the videocard. Reboot and install the new driver, the driver only.
No other software like blabla controlpanel if you never use it anyway.

i am not an “expert”, but i believe that programs like prevx conflict with programs like BOClean… you could try testing BOC with the trojansimulator to make sure that it still functions properly while running prevx…

it was a couple of years ago when i tried prevx… i don’t know what changes the program has gone through since then…