Previous Comodo

I reinstalled my windows a couple days ago and then downloaded and installed the latest comodo firewall. I remember with the previous version which was 5.10 trying to update manually and everytime it would say your firewall is up to date. But then again I downloaded it from the website and it is version 5.12. Is the update in in past version buggy? how about the current version?

I also noticed comodo update application is cfupdat.exe … it is missing an ‘e’ at the end. Just noticed that.

Hi dfs4,
Version 5.12 was originally created to make the program compatible with Windows 8 and gives no extra security to previous Windows versions.
Please see question 2 in this post.

The ‘e’ is missing to keep the file name more unique from other programs using similar update names.
Kind regards.

oh ok so you are saying comodo firewall 5.10 was updating but detected 5.12 to be nothing new just an update to be compatible with windows8?

I was just pointing out the functionality of both versions is identical and that V5.10 was not going to update to V5.12 automatically.
To be honest I am not sure what your V5.10 was trying to update, it could have even been an error on Comodos end.
If I recall correctly, the update servers were having some maintenance recently which cause brief issues.
Edit: Corrected spelling.